Ownership Verified: Lancer of DOOM!

So you bent a wheel but didn't blow a tire?
Refurbished wheel is ~$150 online. New one is $550 at the dealer. Tire is noticeably flat spotted at one edge, too--that's probably another $200 to put on.

I think I'm grouchier than usual because I have no car to hoon. I have no car to hoon because I can't afford to fix the Lancer's wheel until insurance stops dragging its feet. Or until I fix the 944, but I have a lot of little items to go there. I really need to hoon the 944 because I have very little seat time in it, and very little seat time at all lately.

Really, really not amused.
I took a look at my tire, too. It's borked. There's a big, fat flat spot on the edge that's bent. I'm going to need a new one soon. The good thing is that the shop I usually trust with my wheels moved back into south Austin somewhere, so yay! (Then again, they were at Harris Hill, so no fun time afterwards, but that's the trade-off for a lot shorter drive.)

In other news, I am getting VERY frustrated with the other person's insurance. Nope, not resolved yet. They initially told me I'd get a response at the end of last week after delaying it because of the snow and ice giving them a whole lot more to do. Okay, that's fine--there was some serious ice a couple weeks back. This I understood and stayed home from.

Well, Friday was cold--not icy, just cold--so the adjuster took the day off because...it was cold. I can't make this up. Schools even got delayed because, what, someone spilled their tea on the roads? This place is full of total weenies. I had to go to work.

So, yesterday, I send an email asking if she'd received everything and she did. So, new deadline: "I'll get back to you in the next few days."

Upon replying "thanks for letting me know," I get an out-of-office reply. Seriously?

It's cold and they delayed school for mildly moist, non-frozen roads again. Did someond accidentally get Slurpee on their face this morning? SMH. I'm not even going to try today.

This is ridiculous. Austin, you need a slap in the balls.
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That's unfortunate. Do you have the insurance adjusters number? Call once a day until you get a response.
Finally got a response.

Not satisfied with the response.

I'll leave it at that because it's going back to a lawyer.
Long time, no update. Finally fixing my brakes. New XP10s in the mail!

Also, I should fix my wheel soon. I hope. Maybe. I'm thinking about it.

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(My poor thread has to stay in NSFW, though. Sorry. No naked dingalings in here.)
Have you been driving the lulzcer regularly?
Have you been driving the lulzcer regularly?

Every day, on a bent wheel. Hopefully I can fix that soon. Everyone wants too much for the stupid things, though, and repairing it costs about as much as replacing it. :(
I hate that about OEM wheels.
Miscellaneous updates:

Bent wheel was fixed, but they didn't sand it before doing the powdercoating, plus it's not a great match. It promptly cracked off around the lugnuts. :mad: I need to find a competent powdercoater and have the whole thing redone. So, don't go to Wheel Technologies. The wheel is straight, but they have NO idea how to finish a repair properly.

I was stopped in the double turn lane at the top of 2222 the other day, in the exterior turn lane. The kid in a lifted truck one car behind me in the interior turn lane thought that was the one that went straight...and did so, right into the side of my car. :( How do people miss my poor Lulzcer? Anyway, the car looks knackered from his wheel doughnut, so it looks like I get to spend more time going back-and-forth to a shop. Luckily, it's 100% the other guy's fault, no issues there, and no injuries this time--I swerved away the second I heard the metal pop on my door skins. It's closer to a Spec Miata tap than it is a real wreck.

Thread still has to stay in NSFW, but figured that I should at least plop that in here to commiserate. Happened a week ago. GRR. I'm deeply frustrated that it's taking this long to be able to pop my thread back out in the open, but I can't comment beyond that because...well. Yeah.

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I would imagine a cell phone played a factor in the side swipe.

I had my jeep for maybe two months before it was side swiped two weeks ago. Firs accident was 100% my fault(get more sleep, and don't assume.) the second time was not mine (guy side swiped me to avoid rear ending the car in front of him.)

Does this mean you're playing rental car roulette? I'm sure the other drivers insurance will cover it.
What she needs is the Batmobile!

I'm thinking more something like this is what Coco needs:

s/Jeep/Cayenne - yes.

Holy balls, I need the NuggetTruck in Mahogany Metallic.

I'm getting a brake system service required light. May be a bad sensor. Super mad.
It's been a while since I've updated this thread.

My weird brake system issue was fixed with a bleed? I guess air in the system really screws it up. Either way, the Lancer's been off-track for a while and I just now ordered new pads for it. I'll deal with that after LeMons, I guess.