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Laptop On / Off Problems


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Mar 24, 2005
Waterford, ?ire
'06 BMW 320 M Sport

Got a laptop recently, and since day one I've been having problems with turning it on and off ?

When its booting it sometimes Hangs on the black screen just after the "Loading Windows XP" and nothing can be done except to remove the power and battery to kill it and get it to start again.

Same with shutting down, It'll either Hang on the "Windows is Shutting Down" Screen or the "Preparing to hibernate." The same as above applies, It'll just sit on that screen all day until the battery is either removed or runs dry. No combination of buttons will unlock it, nor will holding the power button.

It's a Toshiba Sattelite Pro, 1.7ghz Centrino, 1Gig ram, XP Pro SP2
hmmm, have you tried a re-installing the OS?
hate these problems, usually reinstalling OS helps. So use your recovery CD if possible...
TechZ said:
How about boot to safe mode? And then use System Restore.

Alot of times, that's like polishing a turd if the OS is seriously boofed. While it may be worth a shot, you'll probably be better off just to start with a clean slate by using the Recovery CD.
Yeah I get your point jeffy777, but its sometimes a very minor issue if the OS isnt hosed, and easily fixable, not to mention, what about his data/settings/links/etc that he might lose :)

I always try and fix, then if its taking too long, format or use a restore disk.
If it has to be re-formatted or an OS re-installed i'll return it to the shop and get them to back up everything first. They can do all the Hard work ...

It's been like this sinceday one, so it isnt anything newly installed ?
yeah, I would've returned it on Day 1 for sure. Toshiba's are too overpriced as it is. You may as well get your money's worth by getting one that works as it should.