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Laptop or Desktop.

Laptop or Desktop.

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Mar 21, 2005
Carrickmacross, Ireland
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Hey guys as most of you will know, I'll be heading off to UK to do my undergraduate degree. Either City Uni London (if I get BBB) or Bradford Uni (CCC).

So I'll be needing a PC. I am stuck deciding what to get. I've always wanted a laptop and think its stylish, executive type and portable. On the other hand A desktop is easy to upgrade and stuff.

Please help me out. what should I get (Still have to ask me dad for it)
laptop always, you could keep your notes in the computer and its fun to play games in pause.
But you need to be very careful when you use the computer near food or drinks.
And you should do backup every week to save your data, if the computer fails (been there, done that).

But as you said the desktop is very easy to update, and laptop's are always expensive.
But that is the price to pay at mobility.

if you deside to go with laptos, then try to buy laptop with at least 4h battery time, if some playing maybe mobility radeon X700 (renamed 9700),
at least 512Mt ddr memory and 60-100Gb of hd space.
if you only want a laptop, and if you like to play games, your laptop would cost over E 1200,-
If you want a laptop for office/school tasks only, a E 700 laptop can do the job easily, and you can buy a normal pc for the remaining E 500, and it would run games better then the E 1200,- laptop...
And in the second case you might even try to find a secondhand laptop, and you can still upgrade your PC so you can keep playing the newer games...
And about the battery times: you should keep in mind that even though the more expensive laptops have a longer batterytime, it also depends on how you use your laptop: 4 hours on a E 1200 laptop would mean for office use. if you play videogames all the time you wont get even close to that time.
At the moment, I don't see the advantage of a laptop for me:

I'm a student, so i have my pc at my student room. I'm only at home for two days a week, and at home I do other stuff, so I don't need to transport it.

I also like the posibility to upgrade a desktop...every year I put extra stuff in it: new cards, HD's, DVD writer...

And above all, it's cheaper (for now :))
I personally would suggest depending on the degree you are planning to get. If you are going to be spending long hours at a computer writing papers or fixing code, you would want a desktop (or at least a larger monitor, keyboard and mouse to attach to a laptop). If its primarily going to be used for internet and e-mail, a laptop would let you use it anywhere. Also (at least here in the States) our specific degree programs usually have recommended computer requirements based on what they believe a student should need for their time here, since (at least at my school) we have a number of classes where you have to bring a laptop to class for interactive presentations.
^^^ Some good points brought up here. When I first saw your poll, I immediatley thought "Desktop!!" because of the performance and ease of upgrading, but like others have said, if you're going to use the PC for mainly school work, then a laptop would be great becasue then you could bring it to class, study in bed after a long day, etc.

But for a hardcaore gamer, Desktop all the way! Even the expensive "gaming" laptops aren't that great compared to the Desktops you can get at a cheaper cost. My friend just paid $1600 for a nice laptop (3400+ 64bit, 1 GB of RAM, 100 GB harddrive, Mobility 9700, DVD burner) and for that price he could have built a desktop that would have seriously smoked that thing! I get almost 2000 more 3Dmarks on one my desktops that only has a 2500+ and 512 MB of RAM, with a 9700 Pro. To build this desktop now would only cost a few hundred bucks! You can't get a good laptop for that price.

I can't live without one in uni. There's just so much work to be done and so little time. I can't wait to get home and start writing a paper or whatever. It's great to just be able to get work done on the bus or in the library.

Get a Toshiba. I can't stress this enough. If you get a Compaq, you will suffer. A Dell isn't any better. Apples are great, but way too expensive. IBMs are amazing, but also a bit too pricey. Toshibas are just perfect. They're rock solid, they have great screens, and they look good.
If you're very mobile I'd get a laptop. Something with Intel's Centrino because it has WiFi built-in and I'm guessing your Uni will be offering WiFi access to students. Something above 1.5GHz processor w/ at least 512MB of memory would do. If you're gonna do CAD or gaming I'd get a much beefier machine. Optical drive should at least be a combo and if need be a DVD writer. As for screen size it is up to you. Smaller screen = less weight. Bigger screen = more weight. Another thing you should consider is weight. The ligher the laptop the better. Avoid anything beyond 8lbs as it will bend then brake your back.

Brands to keep in mind would be Dell, IBM/Lenovo, Toshiba or Sony. Everything else is pretty much rubbish. Dont even get me started with the uber-tacky Ferrari lappy from Acer. I'd also suggest you get outside of the UK. A friend of mine who lives in the UK tells me everything is way more expensive. If you do get it outside of the UK make sure the lappy you get has international warranty.

I would only consider a desktop if I'm on a really tight budget or I was a poweruser (ei. games, CAD, decifering the human gnome, etc) that must upgrade on a far more regular basis. Unlike the days where the i386 ruled the current crop of Intel/AMD chips are up to any job.

I would only go for a Mac laptop if all my apps are there. Apple computers arent as badly priced as before. You could get a very competitive 12" Apple iBook for $999. MS Office, Open Office & iWork is there for all your word processing, presentation and spreadsheet (iWork doesn't have a spreadsheet at the moment) needs. Dont worry about the processor speed as the Megahertz Myth also holds true for Apple/IBM/Motorolla chips and AMD chips. The advantage of going with a Mac is that it just works, rarely (if ever) crashes, doesnt suffer from viruses/worms/spyware/malware, iPods work flawlessly with it, works well with Windows networks & they're stylish. It retains its value better than a similarly pricesd/configured Windows laptop. Drawback is all your Windows apps will need a emulator to run on a Mac & there arent much games on it.
evoWALO said:
Brands to keep in mind would be Dell, IBM/Lenovo, Toshiba or Sony. Everything else is pretty much rubbish. Dont even get me started with the uber-tacky Ferrari lappy from Acer. I'd also suggest you get outside of the UK. A friend of mine who lives in the UK tells me everything is way more expensive. If you do get it outside of the UK make sure the lappy you get has international warranty.

I would slash Dell and Sony off that list, they are not good with build quality. IBM/Lenovo and Toshiba are probably safe bets. I personally would recommend a Powerbook as long as you are looking mainly to use it for a school machine. If you will be using it for gaming, i'd personally suggest a desktop, since laptops don't normally offer high end graphics. I would also suggest that depending on what you are doing to get the appropriate screen size. If you will be doing a lot of writing or coding I would suggest a larger resolution screen, whereas if its going to be used primarily for internet and e-mail a smaller screen would be fine.
I forogt to mention: if you do plan to play games on your laptop (or you just want great performance in general) then get an ABS:

The Mayhem line :thumbup: You can configure them to your liking, plus if you buy one from Newegg it's even cheaper.
You buy a Dell if you're on a budget so expect budget perks. I only suggested Dell cause I thought your on a budget. I tried to activate my (drunkard) uncle's Dell laptop and it was a nightmare to configure. Unwieldy, big & ugly. Got it for under $1000 but I'd for out the extra $$$ for a laptop that works & isnt too fussy.

Sony on the other hand have built-in Memory Stick readers. Looks nice in purple?

If I was forced to get a Windows laptop I'd go with the IBM/Lenova X Series Thinkpads. Those are petite, light and cool Centrino laptops. I have a friend who has a Thinkpad X31 and the thing weighs under 3.5lbs. Doesnt have a optical/floppy drive though but it did have a CF card reader and all the ports the modern Windows user would ever need for the next 3-5 years. Battery lasted about 6-7 hrs which is :thumbsup: in my book. What's wonderful with Thinkpads is that they have great Linux support as a side effect of IBM's thrust with Linux. There's even a spot/flash light that is aimed at the keyboard to illuminate the keys in case things become dark. Not as swab at the backlit keyboards of Powerbooks but it does the job w/ little fuss. Great feature if you're not that familiar with the lappy's keyboard layout of forgot what key is where. It also has a hardware switch to turn on/off WiFi. Only drawback with the Thinkpad is the lack of OS X, for me. ;)

Check it out at http://www.pc.ibm.com/us/thinkpad/xseries/index.html
one other point which i think hasnt been mentioned yet: if you go for a laptop, you might wanna buy it in the uk. regardless of what brand you go for, you are very likely to run into trouble one or 2 times, so its important that you make use of your warranty. if something goes wrong with a laptop, most of the time only the original manufacturer can repair that, and laptop repairs are in general very expensive, so you really need to use your warranty if you dont wanna fork out a lot of cash. with desktop its easy to exchange a certain part and repair can be done by a lot of people, but thats not the case with laptops. so if i were to spend x years in the uk and were to buy a laptop, i'd certainly buy it there.
Firstly i would like to thank you all for your advices. Considering all the things mentioned above, I will wait until sept and see what my course is like and how much free time I have. If pc are needed most often, I'll buy a kick ass desktop, otherwise a laptop.

I think we have to use AUTOCAD and other stuff, and when i went to visit the uni 2 months ago, i saw many using their own laptps coz the uni PCs sucket. I will wait, and collect some money !! :D
If you're going to need AUTOCAD then you must go with a Windows lappy. A lappy with international warranty will allow you to have your lappy repaired anywhere in the world.

Oh yeah buy your computer at the very last minute so you get the newest & best deal possible. PC makers make new updates available almost on a weekly basis. Right now am waiting for the Powerbook to be updated before I buy myself a lappy. My Powermac's great but I need to do work at my shop and lugging something huge sucks.