Las Vegas tire questions

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This question is specifically for folks who live/have lived in the Southwestern U.S., or other hot, dry climates with lots of harsh sunshine. (This would include you, Spectre!) A member of another forum that I frequent has asked for suggestions on what brand of tires to buy for a 2014 Toyota Highlander. This person lives in Las Vegas and is in the process of purchasing the vehicle from a CarMax dealership. Since I've lived almost all my life in Ohio, I'm not really well-qualified to answer.. but, I will admit that I’m a sucker for posts that don’t get replies, especially if they’re written by someone who is new to internet automotive forums.

The OP also doesn’t have the exact tire size – it’s either 245/60R18 or 245/55R19. The seller (CarMax) has agreed to replace two of the tires due to ‘sidewall checking’ (early dry-rot) but only if the tires are purchased from Discount Tire. The vehicle is currently equipped with Michelin tires and the OP states that she has experienced this same problem before with Michelins as, she claims, have some of her friends. She’s a fan of Sumitomos and I can’t argue with that – but Discount Tire does not carry that brand.

So the questions here are: (1) Have you experienced accelerated sidewall/tread deterioration on any particular brands of tires and (2 – and more important) do you have any suggestions on specific brands that may be less likely to exhibit this problem?

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Mostly not an issue unless you literally leave the thing out in the sun *and* don't drive it. Or buy no-name Chinese tires. This happens in all climates where you get mostly sunny days, though - it's not a function of heat but of UV exposure.
I've lived there or in similar climate for most of my life and buy Michelins almost exclusively for my cars. It's not going to be a problem with a regularly driven car, and especially if it'll be parked in a garage.
Thanks to both of you for your comments.
I've tried to reach out to the person who posted the questions; but so far, she hasn't replied.