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Last few episode sizes


Captain Internet
Dec 19, 2004
Singapore (Ex-Bahrain)
Audi TT '08 (Sold) S8 '02 (Sold)
I dont mean to be ungrateful, but it seems that the last few eps are diff than 350mb sizes, I understand that they were ripped from someone else.

Cause the reason for 350mb were that 2 eps per CD, so with the diff
sizes it will need some convertion using VirtualDub or so.

Would they be re-released in right sizes?
I try to get them to be 350 MB, but those larger ones were done by sandys and well frankly, beggars can't be choosers. I will point that out to him though if I ever ask him to rip me an episode again.
Or get a DVD Burner... Frankly with 10 eps per season for those with a DVD Burner 420 MB would be the optimum... ;-)
I just got one, they are hella cheap now, 16X Benq, great thing!

Daniel said:
You can reduce the size yourself though... ;)
Wouldn't know how. :lol:
that's why they made google ^^^
newb =\