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The Duras sisters were in two TNG episodes (one of them a two-parter), one movie and one DS9 episode. That is four appearances spread over 14 seasons and 354 episodes. They were hardly over-used.
Yep, seriously. Their appearance in DS9 is exactly the episode I had in mind. It makes no sense at all that it's them.
I also just recently saw Rouge One and I really liked it. It's probably the 3rd best Star Wars movie imo. The fact that they kill off pretty much everyone didn't bother me though. In the original 1977 film they mention how many people died getting the Death Star information, which is meant to be a very somber moment. But since we, the viewers, didn't know any of those characters, we can't really feel all that sad about it. But Rogue One changes that, which only adds to the original trilogy, rather than taking away from it, which is what the horrible prequel trilogy did. And even what episode 7, The Force Awakens, did in a small way.

Plus, killing everyone off and ending the film right where A New Hope begins will make it impossible for the studio to try some sort of money grab sequel. Instead they will just make more money grab original films, which is a bit better.

I give Rogue One a 9/10.
I really liked Rogue One as well, Werhner von Braun and all...

Also, I still think Paramount should put my Star Trek Spinoff idea into production: It's a "West Wing meets LeCarr?" style political thriller/espionage series set on Cardassia Prime, focusing on the scheming, backstabbing and plotting of rivaling characters in the Cardassian Central Command and the Obsidian Order.

Star Trek: Keeping up with the Cardassians makes a snappy working title, I think.
Has anyone tried 4D theaters? Guardians is playing at one in Orlando. Not sure if it's worth going too. The normal theater I go to has such comfortable leather recliners.
Has anyone tried 4D theaters? Guardians is playing at one in Orlando. Not sure if it's worth going too. The normal theater I go to has such comfortable leather recliners.
Are those the ones that rumble and jostle? I tried the demo that was set up in my theater's lobby. Wasn't into it. Maybe if it were a free upgrade I'd give it a shot...but no way would I give up a reclining chair for it.
Yeah it's the one where the seats move and I think they sprinkle some water and shit on you. I think I'll wait for the right type of movie for that.

Yup. Leather recliners and assigned seating. I'm too spoiled and can't return to a theater without. It's a Cinemark theater but a few of the regal ones are converting also.
I'm tooootally OK with assigned seating, although the last time I saw a movie it was the firts time this particular theater did it, and I brought it up. The guy behind the counter said that it was weird that I was happy about it, because people are usually PISSED.

They I asked, "Are they usually pissed because they didn't get here early enough and they see that all the best seats are already taken by people who had the discipline to get here earlier?"

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All the theatres around here with assigned seating only let you pick your own seats if you are purchasing your tickets online ahead of time. If you show up at the box office and buy tickets in person you are stuck with whatever the computer assigns you.
Oh...yeah, that would kinda suck because over here buying tickets online is pretty much always more expensive, and I *don't* like the idea of paying for the privilege to select a seat.
You can pick your seats here at the box office, but it mostly makes sense for me to do it in advance online because otherwise most of the good seats are taken. It's just so much better than getting to the theater early to 1.) get tickets and then 2.) make sure you're standing in line to enter the cinema in order to get good seats 3.) deal with people coming in late and hunting for open seats

The rest of my movie going experience here...I purchased the theater promotional large icee. So for the year when I go to the cinema I can refill it for like $3.50 which is cheap considering the normal selling price. We also get free refills on popcorn (for the day), so I usually take a large ziploc bag and when I get to my seats pour some out into the ziploc then get the tub topped off (so I don't have to leave for a refill during the show).

I'll also always take my stainless steel bottle filled with water, because i'm not paying like $4 for a dasani.
I liked it a lot. Way more then the Awakening. And the fact that most of the rebels died in the process just makes it more serious and logical and real because it was an impossible mission. The ending was super! :)

The imperial droid was one the best characters. :)

And I really rally really really thought the that blind guy in his final scene will light a lightsaber and fight with it, because he had something like it in his hands while walking. That would have been awesome!

I'm not talking about the visuals because with a budged like that and today's FX it had to be good.

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Aeon Flux Ghost in the Shell

Not as bad as everyone says it is or it's box office performance suggests. Which is not saying it's great, but the movie succeeds in faithfully doing a live-action version of Ghost in the shell. Technically and optically the movie is top notch. I was a bit disappointed that they really added nothing and just made it a bit more shallow. So it is a faithful live-action version of the original (which is sort of ironic considering the level of Cgi used in this movie) - just with the edges padded a bit. What am I supposed to watch this for again? Certainly also not for anything new in the acting department ...
Make no mistake - Johansson does her job well and without fault, but her act is getting boring. She recently always plays this emotionally detached character with (sort of) superpowers and a (more or less) tragic backstory. Lucy, black widow and now Major - it's getting boring. Yeah, sure to carry this movie they needed a real a-lister - but there must be other people around there to play this kind of role. And your movie still tanked btw. So you bored me and millions of other Ghost in the shell fans for nothing, not even money.


Kong: Skull Island

Oh boy. What you have here is a great example of a mixed bag of nuts (? how did that expression go again). Some stuff in this movie is really great and works really well. Other stuff is catastrophic (I'm looking at you Samuel L Jackson and your character and the guy responsible for all the pseudo ironic self referential jokes in the script - no, this does not make this movie into Guardians of the Galaxy and shame on you for trying). The whole Ending was also very, very lame. Big build-up for almost nothing ...



I was expecting a lot reading about this film beforehand. And it didn't quite deliver on all sides, but on many. I like the premise, I like what they did. But it's not all peaches and cream. Almost ironically this film let's the sight down when it comes to the action parts. The last fight in the woods is especially weak on stuff like direction and coherence. It's just a wildly thrown together mess. But it's still a good movie on balance. The characters and their journey really make up for a lot.

I have no words.

EDIT: I mean, I probably am one of the most annoyingly PC leftist do-gooder guys on this forum, and still I have no words.
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