Last movie you saw?


aka TomCat
Dec 11, 2005
[h=3]Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)[/h] Finally watched this one the other night. I would put it about on par with The Force Awakens, which makes it a million times better than The Last Jedi, but still inferior to Rouge One.

It was definitely a watchable movie, but being a Star Wars fan since childhood, the character on the screen didn't seem like Han Solo to me. In fact, I think the actor was doing his best to copy Chris Pine's Captain Kirk from JJ's Star Trek movies. Maybe he watched the wrong movies when researching the character, I don't know. It also didn't help that he seemed a foot shorter than Harrison Ford.

I found it cringy that Han Solo kept calling himself a bad guy in the film, since he never did anything bad. In fact, he seemed to act in selfless ways continuously. The character didn't come off anywhere near as jaded as the Han Solo from the original trilogy. But it did seem like the film was setting up a sequel, or seven, so maybe they were planning some terrible stuff for this character to go through, which will impact his personality. Who knows. I can't say that I've been overly impressed with the haphazard, dazed and confused way that Disney has been handling these Star Wars movies. There doesn't seem to be any bigger picture vision that binds anything together. It seems to be amateur hour over there, so I'm not going to get my hopes up.



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Feb 18, 2007
Montreal, Qc, Canada
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Sicario: Day of the Soldado

I really liked the Dennis Villeneuve directed first installment of Sicario, and I was afraid this second chapter would be a complete let down.

And I was right :(

Clichés, stupid plot holes, typical gutless bad guy politicians, ending tailor made to make room for a third episode. At least the action was good :|