Last movie you saw?

I thought it was good but not without filmmaking choices that:

I don't mind that too much if it didn't affect the movie's pacing

I think that there is something going on with filmmaker and streaming platforms. Movies are becoming longer and sometimes needlessly so. That said I think they cut something out which made the bag joke not as good.

Credits song is beautiful

I think that there is something going on with filmmaker and streaming platforms. Movies are becoming longer and sometimes needlessly so. That said I think they cut something out which made the bag joke not as good.
Wholeheartedly agree.
I believe this is down to digital distribution: Standard 35mm films run at an amazing 90 foot/27 meter per minute*. This means in the days of analogue distribution, each minute of additional runtime added the cost of an additional 90 foot of film to each copy distributed to theaters. With blockbusters like "Return of the Jedi" running on 1500+ screens in the US alone, you can imagine that studio execs put a lot of pressure on directors and editors to come in at 90 minutes or below (adding an extra minute to 1500 copies would lead to 26 extra miles of film being used). The mantra "kill your darlings", encouraging film-makers to kill their favorite scene if it does not contribute to storytelling, comes from that era.

With current cost of bandwidth and storage, digital distribution is close to free, on the contrary, watchtime even is a KPI that you can measure and boast about in quarterly reports. While I do not believe this leads to Netflix & Co actively encouraging directors to make their movies overly long, it definitely takes away any pressure to adhere to an 80/90/100/120 minute limit.

*This assumes standard 24 frames per second/4-perf frame height. If you shoot 30fps for NTSC TV use, of course the amount of feet per minute goes up. On the other hand, the reason for the ultrawidescreen employed in spaghetti western was not only artistic in nature, but also allowed them to shoot 2-perf, i.e. each frame being only two film perforations high. This halved their use of film stock compared to standard procedure.
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What this means is it’s more affordable to watch these movies in theaters than before because you’re getting more movie time for money spent, right?
What this means is it’s more affordable to watch these movies in theaters than before because you’re getting more movie time for money spent, right?
Longer runtimes equal less showings per screen per timeframe, so ticket prices have to go up in order for movie operators making the same amount of money.

As a sidenote - once again, the death of cinema has been proclaimed too early: The newest Spider-Man installment (148 minutes, so 13320 ft of hypothetical film) had the third-best opening weekend of all time despite combined delta and omicron waves.
The King's Man, which as the name suggests is the origin story to Kingsman.

This prequel is very different from the campy films that came before. Good in its own way, though (and definitely better than The Golden Circle). But even the over-the-top action scenes come across much darker - not even to speak of the battle scenes on the western front.
And I need to brush up on my knowledge of history to really appreciate all the historical domain characters they incorporated into this. :D
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Iron Sky (2): The Coming Race

Very much my kind of humour. And while the plot is excessively straightforward and taking shortcuts with any idea of realism, most parody and social commentary of current events is nicely weaved in. Like the first one it feels like it could've done more, but still great entertainment as long you're in the mood for sci-fi and bad jokes.
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Vertigo, caught by chance on the TV this evening. Thanks, public television! (y)

Anyway, this movie was... quite slow for the first three quarters, then shifted to being one of the most creepy half hours of cinema outside of outright horror movies, and then the ending was awesome in execution, while still being disturbing...
In my effort to put off the last nine eps of DS9 until the weekend, I've watched two movies today.

  • Baby Driver: I've long wanted to rewatch this in order to pay more attention. This movie is stylistic genius, I enjoyed it immensely - more than the first time, I think.
  • Knight and Day: Action romance comedy starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz from about a decade back? Yeah, count me in. :D
    It's the good kind of "turn off you brain and enjoy the show" movie, because they don't even try to justify the enourmous plotholes. Or plain lack of coherent plot.
    I think this may be the first time I've watched Cameron Diaz in the original English. I was pleasantly surprised by her voice.
    Also, this is a movie that @Matt2000 has to see. ;)
I watched The French Dispatch of the Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun, last night. It was a fun movie, but it did seem to drag at times. The cinematography was very nice as well. You could tell a lot went into keeping it a certain "look". Yes, this was my first Wes Anderson film.
Moonfall - meh I wouldnt be defensive and attack marvel movies... Geostorm is the better movie.

The Last Duel - meh it's interesting but I wouldnt attack audiences for seeing marvel movies rather than...

Texas Chainsaw '22 - You build a whole town, and you put Leatherface in a field of sunflowers... No grandpa, no choptop, no nutzo brother, no illuminati towing, just generic slasher
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The Magnificient Seven, the 2016 version with Denzel Washington. Good movie in its own right, but I can't compare it with the "original" or the Japanese original, both of which I don't know. The final shootout/assault was properly epic. And the classic western-ness of the movie was cool. :)
"Drive my car"
Very slow-paced, but I enjoyed it immensely and cried my eyes out at the end, something I didn't expect to happen.
Then again, I am in a very strange place and doesn't take much to make me cry lately.
Anyway: good movie with cool car.
Schizoid (1980) aka Murder by Mail

Klaus Kinski is a very 80's group therapist whose patients include Christopher Lloyd and a bunch of them are being scissored to death. I think changing the name to Schizoid makes it seem like it would be a more of a slasher movie which is maybe why this movie wasnt well received. While the letters are only a small part of the plot it is more a murder mystery.

This is a mediocre movie that benefits from a good cast of actors. If you you are looking for a movie to riff to similar to MST3k this is one of those those movies. Its not offensively boring but has some space to talk. Its got a few interesting shots and a plot that actually makes you second guess yourself. Kinski's voice is a bit like Tommy Wiseau and hes got an ax and shouting that lol. Also for a hot second we thought RuPaul appeared but it was actually Tobar Mayo aka Abar The First Black Superman. Also for a therapist Kinski is uncaring his secretary begins explain about her sister in the hospital and he hangs up on her. Its got its own energy (probably why it was a box set with X-Ray) and if you have other movie people to to discuss its worth the watch.
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Weird movie. Very "northerner".
Kinda scary, kinda creepy.
Drive My Car.

It was interesting, but I can't say that it was really my thing. Then again, I haven't watched too many art movies in my life. I say this mostly because I didn't understand the ending, and some parts of the plot. And it is very slow-paced indeed.

Definitely not a date movie, though. Don't ask me how I know!