Last movie you saw?

Cool. Glad you liked it. I wish they would've released it in 48 or 60fps. That final roof top fight is also nauseating for me and I'm used to playing FPS.
Jackass 4.5

I haven’t cringed, tensed up watching the pain, or laughed that hard in a while at a movie.
After watching The Offer, I had to watch The Godfather. Classic movie, it is really good, but 3 hours long so it can lose a bit (see the Offer), although I would use a scalpel, not a hatchet.

1968's A Flea In Her Ear

I have such a hard time with old ensemble cast movies. I apparently have face blindness for this type/era of movie. I can't tell most anyone apart, and the two people that are supposed to be mistaken for each other, and played by the same actor, to me dont look like the same person. 😅
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Better Off Dead (1985)

A classic 80s comedy. A zany little love story where the love story is secondary. More than a few recognizable cast members. I guarantee that you will laugh at this movie.

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Palm Spring.

It's a comedy starring Andy Samburg, it has some of that Lonely Island style humor in it, I like it overall. 7.5/10
Hard Boiled

A 30 year old John Woo movie, I first saw part of it at a friends place over 20 years ago while I was in University, and I wanted to rewatch it since then.

John Woo really is the Michael Bay of Hong Kong, everything that get's shot explode 😂

So over the top, yet so enjoyable.

I need to watch more of these early 90's HK action movies.
The Gray Man.

Not very well paced, boring characters that are hard to care about and are played by meh actors, bad cinematography relying on way too many drone shots, oversaturation, blur and CGI; it has pretty much no story to tell. Also it was shot in Prague that's supposed to Prague but also Vienna and the way they travel around makes no sense. Contains a LOT of product placement, it's basically a ridiculously long ad for Audi.
Ghost Chase aka Hollywood Monster


Roland Emmerich directs this West German movie which got him noticed in Hollywood.

It's weird. Kids are directing a movie though the leads are 21 that's a plot point because he inherits a clock that has his grandfather's butlers soul in it. Oh he was a little person and literally looks like


That's the puppet that the supporting actor made for m his visions the ghost gave him and a photo

I would give spoilers but I don't know if they would be believed it's odd.
Everything Everywhere All at Once

I will never look the same at the following things: bagels, hot dogs, fingers, racoons and stones. Also butt plugs.
Everything Everywhere All at Once

I will never look the same at the following things: bagels, hot dogs, fingers, racoons and stones. Also butt plugs.

It reminded me of John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China
I was in the mood for a silly action flick, so I went to see Bullet Train starring Brad Pitt.

Story: A bunch of professional killers all have different, but intersecting missions on board a Shinkansen train. Hilarity and lots of violence ensue.

The plot is... not that important. But the movie is fun to watch, so I could forgive the very badly done final big action scene. By that point in the movie, all sense has long left the room so I shrugged that off.

Can recommend.
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I was in the mood for a silly action flick...
... and I caught a bit of hype around The Gray Man, a Netflix production starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, directed by the Russo brothers, who among other things have the last two Avengers movies under their belt.

One would think that with such an impressive list, even a Netflix action flick could turn out decent. One would be wrong. This is easily the worst movie I've seen in quite a while. Standard action sequences checking off the action movie cliché list and destroyed by too many cuts preventing you from seeing what actually going on, strung together with unimaginative dialogue and cookie-cutter characters stumbling through a story that's not even trying to exist.

Rating: 0/10. And that's generous.
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That's surprising. I thought Gosling and Evans were fantastic. Evans as sociopathic assassin absolutely sold it, it was a really refreshing change from his time as Captain America. Even the cheesy 80s-esque one-liners didn't seem out of place, Evans embodied the kind of person who would actually say something like that.
Yeah he was convincing in the role (and I actually didn't recognise him), but playing a character convincingly doesn't help the movie if the character is just that flat of a stereotypical remorseless bad guy. Which fit the movie, as the whole thing was just an astonishingly bad cliché storm.
I keep thinking back to another Netflix production, Extraction, which also had a premise that had been done a million times before and the additional handicap of having a bit of "white saviour" message going on, but managed to have a far more compelling set of characters and, more importantly, proper action. This, however, was really just going through the motions.
It was never intended to be art, both were your typical summer popcorn films. You go to see something fun, familiar, and with lots of explosions and action.

I just clicked my brain off and enjoyed the ride.