last night's Top Gear (ep2 new season) recap *SPOILER*

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^I saw the video of the test, and it didn't seem all that wet except for some puddles that were on the track.

Unlike when they tested the 911 Turbo in the pouring rain...
i really think the zonda is fastest only slower than the CGT. the track was mildy moist and the old stig did a slower time than the new stig in the murc. imagine this stig in the zonda, a 1:18 or 1:19 maybe.

and as for the 911 Turbo in the pouring rain...well it can handle that unlike other sports cars...cuz its a porsche!!
I think it is dumb how when they test some cars it might be raining and the track is like a lake and other times it is bone dry. They should really make an effort to offer the manufacturers the ability to have their cars tested in the full dry.
Well it is Britian and they only have the cars for so long...
according to someone who told me this, they only used to test cars on a wet track to try and minimize any variables, until they realized how much money it cost it wet down their huge track every single time they tested a car (frequently)
Yeah, they talked about that in one of the episodes.
Yupz...and they retested the Lambo Murceilago and its faster than the time it was taken at the first series together with the Zonda. So I'm sure, if the Zonda has another chance at it, it should be faster as well.
Viper007Bond said:
Well it is Britian and they only have the cars for so long...

I know, I was just saying that say Pagani saw that their Zonda could do better, they could resubmit it to have it retested in the dry. Then once it is tested in the dry with the new Stig, those results stand.
i def think the zonda is faster than 1:23, but then if u re-test one then u have to do them all and that almost says that the last stigs efforts were not good enough.

which is why they would never do that.
would hope to see CGT for the next ep. cause definitely it would be faster
(well, as released in the magazine) and said by JK - is a perfect car.

But wish they come along with Enzo's lap time.

Did't they test Enzo?
5th gear tested the enzo, i think clarkson mentioed that ferrari wont let them have one cuz they dont have extras to lend. if TG wanted to test it, they would have to be in ferraris test track.

the only way is if someone lent TG their own enzo.
In the lated Car and Driver mag they had an ad asking for someone to lend them an Enzo for a test :lol:
well, since Jay Key's a friend of Clarkson. i don't see why Jay won't let TG review his black Enzo. afterall, he already let CAR to have a road test in his car.
Personally, I'd like to see how well the Mclaren F1 does on that track (they haven't done that yet right)? :|
maybe we could get them to test the enzo and/or mclaren in the suggestion thing on their site? :wink:
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