Last TV show you saw?

I'm halfway through the season (watched episode 1 a few days ago, and 2-4 last night), and I never played any of the games.

Works very well on its own, but I keep wondering how much better it would be if I had played the games.

You just missed a steam sale, but they come around every few months.
Thomas Lennon is the real hero of that episode (he usually is any time he's on screen in anything), but that whole episode was really fun. If you go to their youtube channel page, they have a full compiled playlist for each episode, in the order of the episode. A little convoluted to just watch the full episode, but it works. Probably the most I've laughed out loud at an episode of TV in a long while.

Thomas was actually a producer on the old @Midnight show
I'm watching Shogun (2024) currently, I'm at episode 3, and it's very impressive, I truly enjoy the feudal politics and intrigues, and the asian actors are top-notch. (y)

I am about halfway through the first season of Wednesday. It is much better than I expected, so much so that I binged 5 episodes in one go.
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The "The Women Who Was Fed By a Duck" episode of Roar. It was my first episode of the show, and it was a bit like watching the very first episode of Black Mirror (the pig-fucking politician episode) as your first episode. 😅