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Leaving files shared


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Jul 21, 2004
Can I start with a HUGE thanks for back TopGear episodes. You are a true hero :)

I am downloading the back 2 months as i've been unable to watch them. I have downloaded the first two episodes, and they have finished already!! Nice connections dudes.

But my connection dies if I have more than 3 downloads going as the uploads are caining my connection.

How can I respectably download all the episodes I want and still share the files. Would I be better stopping the file that has the most peers/seeds and keeping the lower shared file shared?

Thanks again.

What BT client do you have? You should easily be able to limit the upload rate. If you have ABC, go to File -> Global Upload Settings. Then set the "Upload when downloading" rate to whatever you want. I have a 45 kb/s upload rate, so when I'm surfing or downloading myself, I cap it at 20. WHen I'm not using the internet, I can open it up.

Hope that helps. If you have a different BT client, someone else here might have it and can tell you how to limit the upload rate. Or try the help function of whatever client you have.

Oh, yeak, and welcome aboard 8)

I'm using TorrentStorm. I can set the max upload to 4kb/s but it gives each file a maximum of 4kb/s so when I have 4 files shared it hits 15kb/s and my net is not more :shock:

There doesn't seem to be a global setting so maybe a change in client is due? And I take it ABC is good?
Try BitComet. I switched from ABC to this and it works pretty well.

There is a maximum global setting for uploads and its shared by all your files.
You can also set upload limits for individual files.