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Left hand drive Skyline


I Bought This Title :o
May 17, 2004
The Netherlands
This is from another topic, the m roadster one. A user called Turturelo was telling us about a left hand drive skyline. Something you don't see everyday. I myself have actually never heard of it. Turturelo was glad to send me some pics to post.

btw josonchiu, congrats about the Skyline. I have a friend who own Nismo tuned left hand drive Skyline (I think it is rare)

There are lhd Skylines, but it is very very rare! I'll try to get some pictures later on. The car is stock with lhd!!! My friend buy it from a Dubai sheikh. It really cost a fortune!

I myself have heard it was imposible to do this because of how everything is arranged in the engine bay.

I'll stop talking and show u the pics :)

if I'm not mistaken... aren't taiwanese skylines LHD... but I have a slight feeling I don't remember seeing any skylines when I was in taiwan...
ok... I just had a closer look at the picture and tried to recall the exterior diff's between a LHD and RHD car and I realized something.
Look at the wipers on the skyline... if its LHD... the wipers are supposed to swing the other way... this wiper setup is for RHD cars.... so there you go... this isn't a stock LHD skyline....
What I actually mean is if these cars started life as a RHD, and were later converted to LFD, or did they leave the factory LHD?
yeh those conversions are made in UAE, and they don't cost much too. I Think they do them in other countries too. My friend did it in UAE, it costed him 5000 Dirhams, which is about 1350 US.
the yellow cover is to cover the saw cuttings dammit wont u ppl listen

u DONT GET LHD skylines. they are all remoulded and cut.
and the dash of the UAE skyline is not the right one lol. it looks nothing like my dads GTR dash. the probz just took it out another crap car lol!!!!!
yeh well its never the exact same dash.. but who gives a shit when really the skyline looks like any other japanese car from the inside.
the dash is not orgianl on the r33 the dash is nothing like my dads gtr. the dash is from a random ass car.

haha i worked it out
ok you're right - there isn't stock lhd Skylines - I agree.
BUT who cares about stock dashboard .. this Skyline very soon will be 1000hp. My friend is ordering another engine and gearbox now for his car.
if yours that is a real GTR34 skyline... there won't be any need for a new engine or gearbox dude... the RB26 engine and the 6-speed gearbox and the 4wd adjustable diff's work great.... or are you just talking out of your ass
:shock: andy u shuld noe nd watch ur language :shock:
hahahahah. andy burned that guy there.

the monitor also doesnt face the driver for the RHD car and when there is sun light i am sure the driver sees jack shit off the disply lol. and the dash looks so bad with that yyelllow. in fact that yellow color is so nasty, its worst that then yellow on the shanty volvo for andrewhuis avatar lol.

why didnt he use carbonfibre!??!?!

in china there is a guy with a r32 front and r34 rear car that has a left hand drive set up.
I'll send the updated pictures and video when the car is painted and fitted together .. at the moment the Skyline is brutal grey. The owner doesn't like the yellow color and thats way repaint it.

btw -> I love you guys you're so polite!.. :thumbsdown:
its because even though we've proved to you stock LHD skylines are not possible... you still insist and add even more salt into your stories ;)
I think thats one of those arab emirates skylines, over there, by law, every car has to be lhd, but the poeple who buy these cars over there are so filty rich from big oil they can do things like a lhd conversion.