Leftovers - What do you make of it?


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Mar 29, 2008
Wilhelmshaven, Germany
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I had my leftovers day yesterday and here's what I put together:

- Fried chicken breast with paprika powder
- Boiled potatoes
- Steamed carrots
- A glass of mushrooms, bacon cubes, Creme Fraiche

That looks tasty!

Not that I have a picture of them, but I frequently use left over casserole meat as pie fillings eg: steak, onion, carrots etc. So basic, but it always comes out a treat, and also helps use up pastry - which we otherwise don't actually use all that much. It's winter here so it's just the perfect thing to have right now.
Leftovers? What is this strange word you speak of.

I have both of my sons ages 19 and 21, plus my youngest brother(the wrestler) who are all over 6'5" and I'd have to say more than 225lbs each living with me. Not to mention my other 2 brothers who are here almost every day at dinnertime...somehow. I don't think I've ever seen a 'leftover' in my fridge here. :p
It becomes lunch for the next day.

I'm having some atm. Potato stir fry with red onions. NOM.
Leftovers day again:


Baked beans, curry chicken breast, Nuremburg Bratw?rstl...


Mixed mushrooms, onions...


Mix it all together, add some Creme Fraiche and spices... delicious.
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I read the title of this thread and my first thought was "Top Gear Indian Christmas Special of course!" until I scrolled down.

Dinner looks delicious but for God's sake get some descaler on that drainer before you give yourself food poisoning or something!!
Don't worry. That's just the juice/water from the can the chanterelles were in.
We talking about the drainer or the TG Special? Either way I think I would find that juice more palatable than that 90 mins of garbage.

Looks utterly nomulent! Hope you enjoyed.