Lens Flair

I wish it was mine :cry: . That`s my friends, after yesterdays ride I fell in love with WRX`s. Such a cool car.

WRX's are so nice- especially around Vermont with so many dirt roads :driving:

Attempting to get in one last run for the season...

Lol, that's my girlfriend, I havent yet thought of expending here along the lines of artistic nudity, although that is my point of dilemma at the moment.

Nice find.;)

That rusty picture that you just posted looks really cool.
Got my 400D yesterday, and since my DV camera uses the exact same battery could play with it straight away:D
I've only got the 18-55mm kit lens and the 70-300mm lenses atm, will look to buy some more later
I was at Zeilgalerie late last night, took a 10 second exposure shot of the escalator :) I had to channel all the people on the way up to the elevators, as I had to clear the escalator all the way up.