Lens Flair

francis, jayhawk and Shadowness what equipment do you have ? i know the pictures are resiezed but that's some darn good image quality
If you are talking about the leaf picture, my little secret is, is that the leaf itself was 15cm wide by 30cm long. It is all about altering your perception. :D

I have a Nikon D50 with a Tamron 17-50mm F/2.8. It's all about the lens, baby. :D
Nice shot flamingice!

I did some experimenting with a remote flash, but i just couldn't get it to work, it always fired too soon and the pics turned out dark. What setting am i missing here? o_O
Hmm, could be worth a different thread, there are so many possible issues! Try to give us as much information as possible. How were you triggering the flash? What sort of flash was it? What was your lighting setup like? What was the ambient light? What were your camera settings? And an example shot would be good too.

Craig, I think you posted that before?
I have posted a similar one (that's in my flickr stream) but not this exact one before. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get out shooting much lately. :(