L'Espion Mini II


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Jan 14, 2004

Does anyone have any experience with that? I would specifically like to see some samples. There's one in the brochure, but I'd like to see a few more. I would use it mainly as a webcam, but its size and use outdoors is a bonus.

(no I don't intend to take top quality pics with this :wink: )
yeah there's lot of things like that available.. but I don't see any interest.. compromises are never good...
If you want a webcam, get a webcam. If you want a camera, get a camera. But if you want both, I guess that'd work. Never heard of it before now though.
POS don't buy it ....... if you want a small camera get a Cannon Elph instead
1 advice if you want sth that can do both. buy a camera with a build in webcam. the webcams with a build in camera are worth shit