Let's have a laugh

"?If being complicit is wanting to [...] be a force for good and to make a positive impact then I?m complicit."

Yeha...cuz that's what everyone means. :lol:

"If being fat means I like rainbows and jazz music, and I sometimes have trouble reading without my glasses then I'm fat."

That's funny! I follow a couple instagrammers that do "sound effect sundays" from comic books. Love 'em.



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Obama dropped, on average, 72 bombs per day if you take the total bombs divided by the number of days in his term. In the Syria attack, we shot 59 missiles in 60 seconds. Keeping up that pace would be 84,960 per day. :lol:
Give the old guy a break, he is lucky to get off any shot. :drums:
Imagine being an adult man who gets angry at cartoon feeeemales women being printed on cans of pasta aimed at kids...


Did you just assume they assumed gender? In an office project I'm working on, my client is building a "gender neutral mother's room". :lol: