Let's have a race! (This Sat, April 18th) Demo racers Join!

after a lot of practice laps i got my time down to 1.35.28 :cool:

i'm pleased, coming from 1.38's.

edit: i'm on the server btw, practicing some more :)
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your in the 1:34's now :)
I felt like a coach :p JC, pooowwweeerrr, brake later, goooo, throttle.. noooow :mrgreen:

edit: I think Mischief and Jayhawk can remember the old days. Pushing them to new PB's while driving like a dutchie on fire behind them :mrgreen:
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I'm still doing 1.38s :( standard setup though, everytime I mess with it I make things worse
Don't worry, it takes time. Try using the setupgrid link that henry posted above. You might like a few of the more advanced setups on there.
1:38 with a default set isnt too bad. Its just that the hard_track setup just sucks, its way to wobbly compared to a more stiffer proper set. Try a setup from setupgrid.net, do a few laps and save the replay and upload it here. Then we can give some more tips how to drive. And again practice makes master perfect. :)
i'll be on later this night to do some more practicing :)
i think i'll be on in about 1,5 hours :)
me too.

getting a mate to join us.