Let's rant about car designs (post unpopular opinions in here)

Bertone be like

(the B99 concept from 2011)
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I need to cross post that to the sister-thread, because I quite like the XJ's styling...
I don't think it looks horrible, I just don't think it looks like a Jag.
The other thread reminded me.
Mk4 Supra, looks too bloated, was beyond overpriced when it came out, not all that fast without the turbo and laggy as hell with the turbo. Also being GT it didn’t corner all that great, but thanks to FnF everyone and their mother want one now.
People often let the brand cloud their judgement.

I know people might not agree with me on this but I'm from a place in the world where Volvos are liked, and I grew up around them. The 800 series is generally considered to be a proper and well made Volvo while the Dutch designed 400 series generally is considered to be a disgrace to the proper Volvo brand. A Volvo fan once told me the 400 series is an ugly piece of shit. I bet most people can't even tell which is which.

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the 480 should be treated with a flamethrower though!
the 480 should be treated with a flamethrower though!

Disagree! Theres something endearing about that little hatch. But I also think the 360 RSX-2 is neat.
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The Volvo 340/360 needs to be nuked from orbit. My mum had a 340DL with 1.4 litre Renault engine and a CVT transmission. It was tangerine orange with a brown velour interior (it was cheap and she'd just lost a job with a company car). Fuck me, it was hideous. And heavy to steer. And INCREDIBLY thirsty.

All Volvos need to be nuked from orbit, never understood the love people have for them.
The old RWD Volvos were fun to drive, reliable, and practical. I would absolutely have my old '76 back today if I could and I would daily it to keep the miles down on the X and save fuel. That was a great car and it lasted for 25 years before the cost of a clutch repair was more than the car was worth.
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