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LFS S2 Demo leak


Mar 18, 2005
Prague, Czech Republic
i put a lot of thinking into this, if i should share it or not... but now it seems that a lot of people know about it already, so it won't matter much if i post it...

there are torrents out there with leaked version of S2 Alpha demo... it has the same cars as s1, but the new version of blackwood... and of course improved physics, graphics and sound

i won't post a link to it, go find it on your favourite torrent site
im a bit confused as of what to think about this...cant decide if this is good or bad news :cry:
Have you played it yet? Is it worth downloading? I don't wanna spoil the fun, what if this Alpha version sucks ass, that would ruin it...
Now how did it get leaked ? I thought LFS was developed by three people.
well, i found the torrent and im downloading it. when i am trying it out i'll bear in mind its alpha, and im 100%sure the S2 will kick ass ;)
I don't like the word "leaked". It's always put out there as a test bed. Everything is put out on purpose as a test bed basically. But that's my opinion.

Need to find it so that I can test it out a bit. :)
I think it's okay to download if you see it as what it is. A version that never was supposed to see the light.
Anyway, the only alpha I've ever downloaded was the Half-Life 2 one and I said to myself "never again" It's called alpha for a reason.
well, this alpha version has less bugs then HL2 finished version ;)

the only thing that really doesn't work is Training mode

oh, and it's flawlessly playable online

Josty: yup, same cars as in current demo... but they handle bit differently, especially the RWD ones... the dynamic camber really does help
Getting tempting.... :shock2:

:wall: :drool:

Oh btw, has the menu changed?

So you have trainingmode now, what does that mean?

What more new stuff is there?