[LFSTA] Round 1 Discussion


An Unfortunate Discovery
Feb 17, 2006
Four from the top and two from the third row, UK.
'12 MX-5 PRHT, '02 Freelander, '90 Disco 1 Bobtail
Round One - September 14th to September 28th
Blackwood BL1 Forward - Hot Lap


Demo Round - all welcome

Submitting times

To submit your time please provide me the following:

  • Your best time (in the 00:00.000 format)
  • An SPR file showing proof of your time. This should be placed into a ZIP or RAR container and uploaded to Phyrefile only. Screenshots or MPR files will not be accepted.
  • If the replay doesn't end with your submitted time you must supply a timecode for the lap. If this is not done I will take the final time on the replay regardless of your submitted time.
Entries to me via PM by midnight GMT on September 28th. Please include 'LFSTA Round One' and your FG Username in the subject line. Lap times must be taken from the Single Player mode with only one car on track and the LFSTA skin must be used with your chosen number clearly visible. Please see the rules for more details.

Please download the skin here. Credit to Fredrik S?rli for the skin template.

All times posted in this thread must be spoilered. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. You have been warned!

Rules and league calendar

Entries received so far

Viilaaja (Verified)
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How does one get the skin to work? I am probably just being stupid, but it isn't making sense to me lol.
The skin needs to be saved as a Jpeg after adding the numbers and copied to data/skins in the LFS folder. You can then select it from the colour settings in the garage. :)
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Alright, I'm going to try and get a good time tomorrow :D
I forgot how hard it was...
I did try a few times...I am only bugged because LFS has a glitch with both the Sixaxis and the G27... :|
Laptime sent, using mouse is hard :lol:
Broken pedals on my Thrustmaster, hope to join you on next round, sorry :(
I am sorry for you. :(
That sucks.
For round 2 I will get around doing a time immediately, because this weekend I've finally got some spare time on my hands.
We'll see how it goes. It doesn't take much effort from me to keep it going so unless I get zero entries one month it'll keep going. :)

Just going to process the results. R2 will be a little bit shorter so I can keep to the calendar.