[LFSTA] - Time attack league rules/calendar + general discussion

I would very much appreciate at least one demo-compatible round, to give newbies (like me) a chance to figure out if they want in without investment.
Sounds reasonable.
Yeah it sounds like that would be the best compromise. So the first round will be Blackwood, and there will be plenty of time before round 2 for anyone to upgrade to S2 should they wish to. :)
Time to practice some Blackwood then! Been so long since I've touched LFS.

So far I've managed 1.26.06 with the XR GT Turbo. Not sure if I can actually get much more out of it. But man LFS feels good again.
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I'll be sending around a PM but the league will be starting this Wednesday.

The calendar is as follows:

Round One - September 14th to September 28th
Blackwood - Hot Lap

Round Two - September 28th to October 12th
Hillclimb - Autocross - FE

Round Three - October 12th to October 26th
Go Kart Track - Autocross - AU

Round Four - October 26th to November 9th
Westhill - Hot Lap

Round Five - November 9th to November 23rd
Rallycross - Autocross - FE

Round Six - November 23rd to December 7th
GP Track - Autocross - AU

Intermission Round - December 7th to January 4th
Also Secret

Round Seven - January 4th to January 18th
Kyoto Ring - Hot Lap

Round Eight - January 18th to February 1st
Maze - Autocross - BL

Round Nine - February 1st - February 15th
Aston - Hot Lap

Round Ten - February 15th to February 29th
Gymkhana - Autocross - AU

Round Eleven - February 29th to March 14th
Top Gear Test Track - Autocross - AU

As I said I'm planning to start this Wednesday but it can be pushed back a week if absolutely necessary, the 4 weeks in December can cater for any slippage in the calendar. I'll also update the first post with this.