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LG DVD-RW help please


An Unfortunate Discovery
Feb 17, 2006
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HI again,

not long ago i got me a new DVD-RW for my PC, the LG GSA-4197B. it's a great bit of kit, only trouble is, windows doesn't recognise it :cry:, so i can'r burn CDs or DVDs using media player :thumbsdown: . does anyone know if it is supposed to work, or is there a way to get it to work. i have lots of other burning software, but for music CDs, nothing beats the simplicity and ease of media player burning. my old LG CD-RW worked by btw
mmm you could try to flash it. So download the most recent drivers for your dvd drive and maybe windows will recognise it then. Or cant you even see it in My Computer?
i can see it in My Computer, but i cannot see the tab in properties with all the tick boxes. i have the most recent driver, but still no luck.
mm thats really weird... maybe you should just go back with it to the store where you bought it, and change it with another one :)
I thought I had the same one, but I have the GSA-4166. I had a problem with it not working..for some reason it would not read with my other RW in there, not sure if you have another RW along with it.
i bought the RW from an online shop (SVP.com?). it didn't come with any software or even a box :shock:, but the drive works with Roxio media creator 7.5, so that's fine. i used to have a CD-RW like i said, but that worked. the media player troubleshooting sent me to microsoft to check if the RW is on the 'compatible' list.


it is. so why does it not work still??

the only reason i want it to work with MP is because if i burn music CDs with roxio, they won't work on some of my music CD players :cry: wierd or what :? and that's a right pain in the arse
perhaps it's set to slave instead of master, or something silly like that - it can often cause probs with Windows.
just tried the LG website, and there was a new firmware for the drive. don't know if it's worked yet, i need to reboot the PC. Silverstar, i suggest you try that. BTW how's lightscribe?

Overheat: i fitted the drive myself, so that could be the problem :oops: i think i set the RW to master (it's just moving that bit of plastic isn't it?), but my old CD-RW was set to slave, and the DVD-rom to master.

confused yet?? I bloody well am :bangin:
well then its quite simpel, put it on slave and it should work well. and when it doesnt, try to load that new firmware. and when even that doesnt work, try burning audio cd's with nero, works perfect.
matt2000 said:
Silverstar, i suggest you try that. BTW how's lightscribe?
I love it! I know it's not as best as being able to create color labels at times, but I think it's a great innovation.

Burn the data, flip it, burn it again :thumbsup: