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Liberals took it...


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Mar 5, 2004
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but it's a minority. I'm very surprised at how well the Bloc did....I really didn't think they'd do that well. I was expecting a closer call between the Tories an Grits as well, but the Conservatives kinda got slaughtered. Especially in Toronto - to my knowledge, every single last riding in TO is held by the Liberals....what a bunch of rednecks :p (Only Canadians will get that joke)
I followed that aswell.. on another forum though.

Bloc kicked some major ass... it's a record! we're heading for 54
seats! :shock:

I'm so glad Conservatives lost... phew.. :)

yes, no conservatives!!!!

I'm mad that the liberals didnt win more seats in the west.


the green party got 4.8% of the popular vote, so now the get funding :lol:
I was thinking that the Conservatives would do better in more prosperous areas, but I was wrong by a long shot.

Anyway I voted for the Liberals after some thought The Liberals have been doing a decent job and I don't want to risk giving the country to some inexperienced politicians.

Looks like Paul Martin has some tough time ahead since its 135 seats plus NDP's 19 is still one seat short of what is required for a majority government.