Someone Else's Problem: Like RdKetchup but with moar FREEDOM: altoid's FJ-08.5


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Jan 1, 2010
Los Angeles, California
‘14 Mazderp3, ‘22 Checkpoint SL 5
I know I just did a thing, but I did another thing. I'm sorry. Actually no, I'm not sorry at all.

My life is quite different now from what it was in March, and I've adjusted my garage appropriately. Back then I commuted on my motorcycle, and it was 4 miles of tight, crowded city streets, so a narrow, nimble bike like the XSR700 was perfect for filtering. It was also priced reasonably and had a lot of want factor to it.

Now I commute by bicycle for 1 mile and today I actually just walked. I don't need a motorcycle heavily optimized for filtering. I wish I had a motorcycle on which the limiting factor to any road trip was merely time away from life's responsibilities—not the state of my butt and/or lower back. Also, naked life is great at speeds up to (an alleged) 75mph, but beyond that…

So here we are. I picked up a mint Yamaha FJ-09 (MT-09 Tracer elsewhere). No, seriously, it's a 2016 with less than 2,700 miles (my XSR has nearly 3,700), zero issues of any sort, and the following list of mods:
• larger Puig windscreen (anything is better than the crappy stock one)
• hand guard extenders, so they would clear the new windscreen at full lock
• heated grips (I think…)
• Dunlop Q3+ front tire (factory rear)

This thing is showroom condition.

I had a buddy who's also a 2016 FJ owner (the one I almost bought earlier this year) come and check it out with me, and it was utterly unnecessary. The bike was in such perfect condition that it was obvious. The price was fantastic, so a quick chat with the seller, short look around, and brief test ride later I signed some paperwork.

I then ordered the top case rack and mounting plate so I can transfer my precious from the XSR, and then left the parking building where we met. Good times.

I'm calling her Nera, as per her color.



Anyone in the market for an XSR700? ?
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Oh, and since everyone always immediately wants to know about "future plans", here are some preliminary thoughts:

Need to sell:
• The XSR

Already have:
Givi Trekker 52 (currently on the XSR)

Already on order:
Givi SR2122 rear rack
Givi M7 mount plate

Likely soon on order:
• TechSpec Snake Skin tank grips (same as on the XSR, great stuff)

• exhaust, maybe Akrapovič again
• crash bars, maybe Givi TN2122
• aux lights, maybe some from Denali
• rear lights, maybe Skene

I'm gonna try my best not to touch the "Future" category until the XSR is gone…
so how many bikes have you bought, kitted out completely, and then just sold?
(although i might be mixing up with blaro)
so how many bikes have you bought, kitted out completely, and then just sold?
(although i might be mixing up with blaro)

My vehicle history is in my signature. Not really sure what you mean.
Welcome to the club! Get the OEM heated handguards, they plug right in. For hand guards I can highly recommend KTM OEM handguards, bolts right on, works like a charm and cheap too.
Welcome to the club! Get the OEM heated handguards, they plug right in. For hand guards I can highly recommend KTM OEM handguards, bolts right on, works like a charm and cheap too.

But…I have both heated grips and hand guards already?

Anyway, did someone say "more pictures"?! Okay!

Bae is tall! ?

No rack, no problem. ?
That motorcycle gives me the jealous.
(Repost from the general moto thread.)

OK, serious question: what do I do about my tire situation? I have a brand new Dunlop Q3+ on the front (about 2k miles) and my stock rear needs replacing. Since I'm a tourer who doesn't want to fear rain, I want to get Michelin Road 5s, but the new front makes for a conundrum.

• 1. Keep the Q3+ front, get a new R5 rear.
• 2. Keep the Q3+ front, get a new R5 set, hold onto the new R5 front as a spare.
• 3. Get a new R5 set, install both, keep the Q3+ as a spare.

I'm leaning toward option 3, but thoughts are welcome.
I can only recommend the Michelin - I've done 16,000 kilometers on a set of PR4, and changed to PR5 after that. I've only done about 1,000 km on those, but so far they didn't disappoint.

If I were you, I'd get a PR5 rear tyre and keep the current front tyre. Do not buy a spare front tyre that will just lie around for two years before you put it on - rubber degrades with time.
And if you notice after a few weeks that the combination of Q3+/PR5 doesn't work out well, you can always change to PR5 in the front then.
It's been a while—let's catch up!

I took an awesome 1,100-mile road trip in early November. I rode up most of California in one day (482 miles) and then split the return trip over four leisurely days. Coastal riding is the business. Porn at the end of the post.

In preparation for the trip, I got a USB charger for the GoPro, so I can run it longer than the 40min battery life would allow. It's been surprisingly easy riding with the cable in front of me, so long as it's the correct Goldilocks length. I've got a spare USB port on it, but haven't actually used it for anything yet, since I don't mount my phone or a GPS on the bike itself. Still a very useful accessory.

Since the trip I haven't actually ridden all that much. We got some rain and cold, and I've been rather busy, so I've only snuck away for a few joy rides. I also got a car and don't usually commute on a motorized vehicle anyway, so my mileage has dropped significantly.

I ended up getting a set of R5s and giving the Q3+ to the shop. I gambled that I won't get a front puncture soon enough to warrant keeping a spare tire, and I'm honestly much happier with the new rubber. The rear has obviously been way better than its balding predecessor, but I've noticed myself also trusting the front more than the Q3+ on wet pavement. It's all entirely in my head, but it still makes a difference in how I ride.

I finally sold the XSR! She went to a good friend, and we've gone on a few rides together. My ex and my current are hanging out together. ?

Time for some of that aforementioned porn.

First the trip stuff!

Ready for the road trip:

482 miles later, parked for the weekend:

After the weekend, at the start of the four-day trip back home:

Mailed the extra crap I no longer needed to get rid of the strapped cardboard box:


Beach, kinda:

Bike, boats, birds:

So many miles of this:

O hai:

Abusing my phone's wide lens is fun:

No, seriously:

I don't even know where most of these were taken:

And it doesn't matter:

Because just fucking look at it:

Zebras in the background:


But could I ride in instead:

Last quick break before home:

1,102 miles:

Home sweet home:

Post-trip stuff follows.




VIP parking:

Two bikes, one car:

Immune to the morning rush:

That sweet, sweet neu rubber:

With new sister:

Spent the night here once:

Work fam is diverse:

Friend's kiddo is 100% hooked:

With the ex:
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Are you sure that is a friends kid? He looks so... familiar.. :unsure:

Well, I suppose I'm not sure he's her kid, but I am sure he's not mine!
O hai. Been a while.

The bike's been a big part of what's keeping me sane. I've been going for longer trips the last few weekends (150 miles or so), since the roads are lovely outside the city, but I don't really stop much (see The Pandemic™ for reference) so I don't have almost any photos. That said, there are few below.

No changes to the bike. I gave in and went to buy the Corbin seat last weekend, but of course they're closed. Since I'm now riding regularly, I'm thinking maybe crash protection would be worthwhile as the next step instead, then.

I did, however, finally clean and lube the chain. Hey, it's a big deal for my lazy ass. I also cleaned the bike for the first time since purchase in September, and holy shit have I undervalued a bug-free windscreen!

She's got about 7,300 miles, so I need to call the shop and see how far out they're booked for service, since they're taking fewer appointments now. I'm adding 150–200 miles per week, so 8,000 isn't far away.

Before a random ride:

Dramatic shot is dramatic:

Found some hipsters:

First quarantine ride for sanity:

Evening stroll:

With the ex again:

Hello. Yes, I'm still here. No, you don't have to read this. There are pictures below.

The bike is up to 8,400mi or so, just had the 8k service—still trouble-free, as one would expect. Been riding just about every weekend, but I usually forget to take pictures. Oh well.

I added Givi crash guards and a Sargent seat set is on its way. 350-mile ride tomorrow.

But for now, said pictures.

Strapped a camping chair to it and it was almost wider than the bars. Don't worry, I didn't actually go camping—I'm not that crazy.

Went on a nice 200-mile ride around some nearby mountains. All I have is this lunch photo.

The XSR found its way back into my garage temporarily. Funny story…

Got an alarmed disc lock, prompted by the above story. It's loud.

It's not that big…

I might be a bit envious of my friend's top case.

Group ride with coworkers. Excellent variety!



Crash guards on, looks so much more serious!


Ride safe, friends. <3
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Got the seats today so here's a bit of an unboxing adventure!

That's a big box for the two relatively small pieces…

It's all in there…somewhere…

There we go!


Preliminary stationary test results: huge improvement.


Works well with the helmet cable lock as well, as expected.

Top case life is best life.


30min + 20min of riding so far, and it's really good. Sinks way less than the stock seat, but feels exactly the same the whole time, doesn't feel harder over time. Which is basically what I wanted.

The real test will be a more substantial ride, whenever that happens. So far v. happy with the upgrade.