Little amusements

There's "This Road" and "This and That Road" in Weiser, Idaho as well as "This-A-Way Road" and "That-A-Way Road" in Spirit Lake, Idaho. I'm sure you can name dozens, if not hundreds of those examples. :)
I'm starting a new chapter in my Astronomical Biology class.

It's titled, "What is life?"

After reading it, my brain immediately followed it up with, " don't hurt more."

Maybe somewhere along the line someone decided to outsource their international mail sorting to the far east... like north sea prawns being shelled in morocco or wherever only to be shipped right back up north for consumption.
Definitely makes for a very unique postcard, though ;-)
I'm feeling under the weather (not COVID, I tested) and last night my wife made me home made bread (which became grilled cheese sandwiches) and from-scratch tomato soup, which she knows is one of my favorite comfort foods.

It sucks being sick, but that meant a lot.

Soup was delicious, by the way.
Today for the first time I watched on the front camera as a solicitor/door to door salesman walked up to my steps, actually read the No Trespassing sign and walked his happy ass along.
I’m spending the final night of this visit at my parents’ with some light electrical work, replacing dimmer switches with regular ones. The dimmers make the new-ish LED bulbs in the living room flicker even when they’re turned all the way up and since my father had some switches lying around, I figured I could do this for them.

In the process, I’ve been learning a few things about the wiring. I already knew that some of dad’s blue wires aren’t neutrals, but I didn’t know that random hots that are connected to something in the living room can lead to something in the adjacent hall/dining room. 😂

I pity the fool who takes on the wiring in this house after its eventual sale. :hug:
Spicy wiring keeps the work interesting. :p
Spicy wiring keeps the work interesting. :p

Yup. I don’t even remember when I learned never to trust somebody else’s colour coding. Every wire gets checked, especially the yellow/green ones, and everything that’s hot when it shouldn’t be gets a terminal until I’ve figured out why something that’s supposed to save my life is trying to kill me.

BTW, my dad’s code violations are pretty benign. Could’ve put a black or brown sleeve over that hot blue wire, but there wasn’t anything else that I would consider serious.

Running the supply for the dining table light from a switch in the living room is a little quirky, but consistent with his philosophy of connecting lights and sockets in one room to different circuit breakers. That’s why it took me no time at all to figure out why said light wasn’t working.
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I don't know if this is the right thread, but I thought I had accidentally deleted all my Google Photos backups from mid 2019 - mid 2022. Turns out, it was on my laptop, not my desktop. The feeling of relief is real now.
I still need to remind myself to organize all of my files as soon as I find some actual free time. Right now they're scattered over three hard drives, one of which is external, two SSDs in two different computers, and some are even on USB drives.
I’ve just borne witness to the awesome telepathic power of music. I was listening to “Blue Monday” on my headphones whilst hoovering and when I got to my wife’s desk, she got up and danced!

…or is it that my hearing’s got that bad?
She was just happy that you were running the vacuum! 😂
The use of the term 'hoovering' tickles me, I've always thought it was such a British thing, despite Hoover being American. :p

I bet you were subconsciously dancing. :D
When a movie gives a setting like "Somewhere in China..."

I don't know why this amuses me. Saw the most recent example in 1994's Double Dragon.
The use of the term 'hoovering' tickles me, I've always thought it was such a British thing, despite Hoover being American. :p

I bet you were subconsciously dancing. :D

This is something I learned via Tim Hunkin. Never heard the term before until I watched the episode he did on vacuums. “Wait, that vacuum brand is from the US. Why have I never heard of this term?”