Little amusements

This is something I learned via Tim Hunkin. Never heard the term before until I watched the episode he did on vacuums. “Wait, that vacuum brand is from the US. Why have I never heard of this term?”
Yeah it's funny how it caught on, Hoover was really popular here (the Turbopower is the classic British vacuum, my grandparents had one and I'll never forget the smell) but our history with Henry (which actually is a British vacuum) makes me think we should be 'Henrying' the carpet. 'Dysoning' is kind of being used, I've heard Jonny Smith say it a couple of times on Smith & Sniff. :p

Anyway It makes me really happy that you've seen Tim's videos, he's a little-known national treasure and his machines are fascinating to me. I was able to visit his Southwold arcade in 2021. Fun fact - Rex Garrod, who he presented those old shows with, was a Robot Wars legend and I was lucky enough to meet him when I was younger. He also built a giant remote controlled car for the TV series Brum, which I watched a lot as a kid. Also painfully British.
My girlfriend is an interior designer and she was in a meeting with a client who showed her a picture of a toilet they thought had a "fun" design and certain whimsy they wanted to incorporate in their own bathroom remodel. They said the photo was taken in Patagonia.

My girlfriend was going on about how they did NOT seem like the type that would shop at Patagonia. Then I asked, "Do you think, instead of the store, they South America, Patagonia?"

She facepalmed at the realisation that I was probably right, and laughed when she asked them, "The one in San Francisco?" and when they said "Chile", she thought they said "chilly" and were just talking about how cold San Francisco can get. 😂