Live for Speed Photo Thread

Nice one! :)

I didn't post here for ages, most of the new edits & posters I do make their way to our website. :)
If you are referring to the nicknames that appear on that screenshot, then no, I'm afraid not. :)

Otherwise nothing new.
^ I've driven worse cars than that :p








First is the DTM series. Quite a heavy hit which cost me the race. It was a racing incident.

The second is from the LOTA league which I placed third in last night :D. Second podium in the LOTA series.
No offense, but we've all seen these things. I assume you got into lfs recently, otherwise you wouldn't post these.
You know what? I'll be the jerk:

Please stop posting crappy screenshots. They are not creative, nor interesting. If you would like to learn how to make a better screenshot, please go here.
mmm I don't encourage to post these kind of images, but this one is quite funny tbh.
Its made with the Test patch W9. Because its still a test patch is has some bugs :) For example the MRT. This little car weights ~200KG. When you add the handicap weight (max 200KG, it doubles the weight:D, and place the weight at the rear of the car) the car goes flying :).
note, this image was taken half a second after the race 'started' :D
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^ Now that's funny :mrgreen:
That is quite funny.
Regarding that bug:

00:06.25 < PeriSoft> i'm seeing our customers getting this patch and trying out this stuff...
00:06.30 * PeriSoft prepares to answer support calls monday morning
00:06.44 < Kegetys> propably the first ever software bug to kill a person

PeriSoft is the guy from Force Dynamics ;)

(here's the video to go with it: