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Live for Speed [The Original Thread]


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May 29, 2004
Who is playing this game? It's quite old but it's so addicting!
The graphics aren't as good as racegames these days but the handling of the cars is really good. That's I keep playing it on and on.
Now in a few months Live for Speed 2 is coming out, I'm looking forward to it. Download the demo of LFS and play it!

Yeah I have S1, it's good.

I thought I had made a thread on this a while ago but can't find it anymore
Searchfunction doesn't work here...I searched for it..

I have the full version, don't know if that's S1.

Can you download new cars btw? I once heard there was an update car.

I have the normal cars and 2 caterhams and a go-kart. But don't know if that go-kart was an update...?
The FX0, LX4, LX6, RB4 and the MRT5 (what you call a go kart, it's in fact a SAE competiton car, from a University in Montreal) those are the cars in S1 full version, the MRT was unlocked as a christmas gift last year
no I hadn't

it's damn cool!

btw wanna play online sometimes? I got bored of it but if I knew someone to play with I might restart..

I can't make a server because of my router though
That's cool! Have to do it another time, am now in exams again, so I need my time.
Next week I'll try if I can host it, I used to mess with some japanese guys who were racing for real and I always bashed them into the tires.

I bet they yelled at me 8) :D
Renesis said:

ok.. I'm still in my Christmas break, I go back on 17th 8)

I have Christmas break too, but have exams right after it, I start this monday again, 3 weeks of exams... :sleeping:
I play it aswell, though this is such a game where I just can't manage to get better in :thumbsdown:. I'm waiting for S2 though! ;)
Do you all play with the mouse? I think it was set standard, but it's so good it can be played with mouse, I miss that in other games, 100% left or right is often annoying.
sucks to play with a mouse! it's worse than a keyboard

I play with my FFb wheel :thumbsup:
Ahh damn, then I'll never win from you, you can handle the Caterham, I can't I have 100% throttle or nothing, you can push the throttle gently in corners, I have to leave the gas"button"...that sucks..but always better than keyboard though!!
I think keyboard is better than mouse, heck get a cheap joystick at worse..

anyway we could race with something else than the LX4/LX6
I think the XR GT is still best, can have the longest drifts with that, but I'll pm you anyway when I got the time for it :)
I kinda like it too..

you'll win I'm sure, I haven't played it for months!

I won't be there tomorrow so don't PM me then. You can always add me to MSN if you want
Vette Boss, that would be cool!! I have an *cough* illegal *cough* version of the game and the masterserver doesn't approve my nickname. So I can't host, I played the demo online yesterday against some Danish people, it's fun.