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Logitec Force Pro


May 27, 2005
hey guys, um, i've been having this problem ever since GT4...so far i have broken two logitec force pro steering wheels' pedals (the gas/brake pedal part). it's not like i slam on the pedals everytime, in fact i don't think i've ever done that...ok maybe once or twice when i couldnt remember which turn follows next. But the point is, this logitec force pro is really a piece of shit. so every so often i gatta use my warranty to get the freaking pedals replaced. anyone else besides me get that problem?

and how the pedals malfunction is that when i step on the brake pedal, it either don't do anything, or it does something, but when i take my foot off, the thing is still braking. then there's the gas pedal, and pretty much the same thing. and sometimes, there will be a delay. so i'll be on the brake, then after like half a second, the brake goes into effect.

just today i was trying to finish mission 33, and another problem arose. the brake pedal wouldnt work unless i step on the gas...lmao. so you know how that mission went. and the display that show how much brake i've applied will just keep flashing. so it's as if i stepped on the brake and take my foot off of it continuously.

so after all this long blah blah blah, does anyone know how to fix this problem instead of just taking it back to the warranty?
You've been pulling on the wire of the pedals too hard, there's somthing inside of it that you're pulling out
This is a known problem (much more with older versions). Try some googling for the workaround. But if I were you, I would just trade it everytime it breaks. There are also a lot of people who got a new one, without returning the "broken" one. I've had no problems yet (knock knock) and I slam the thing like crazy (especially when I'm pissed).

Greetz Johan
yea...suxky thing is: my freaking sales receipt is nowhere to be found ><
SHiFTiR said:
yea...suxky thing is: my freaking sales receipt is nowhere to be found ><

IIRC, you don't even need that. Just contact logitech instead of going to your store. Going back to your store, may result in getting an older model again, and thus having the same problem another time.

Greetz Johan