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Logitech Formula GP brake pedal hardware trouble


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Oct 4, 2004
well, i was really glad when i bought my logitech wheel last week friday. logitech stuff is usually associated with quality....reallity is a bit different though.
so after 4-5days of usage the brake pedal is messed up. it will not realease 100% and is always pushed in a bit. i was wondering why the hell my laptimes were shitty in LFS today....then when i went to calabrate the wheel/pedals again...surprise struck me :x
it does realease itself somtimes when i push it to the side, but i cant do that all the times + games dont show this small difference, so indicators shows its released completely, however its costs me about 1-2second each lap...

i downloaded dxtweak to doublecheck the issue, and it shows the same thing as the windows xp calibration utility


you can clearly see the difference :thumbsdown:

i was wondering if i can do somthing softwarewise to set the pedal to apply the brakes from a later point onwards. so to have somthing like a longer deadzone or so.

i saw some minumum max values there...can those help it?

question is how can i solve this issue via some software, if i can solve it at all. i'd like to try a software solution first before i actually go in and smash those idiots @ logitech in the head with the damn pedal :x

can't believe it, 70euros worth of plastic crap, 4days and all worthless... :x