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lol JC beaten by a girl!!


May 27, 2004
hehehe you should see the new TG... JC does al this melodramatic driving around Nurburgring only to be beaten by a chick in ONE go :)
BUT..has to be said, she's been racing for what? 20 years? on the same track almost daily...first thing i'll be doing is going to the Ring with my first "real" car and see if I can beat Jeremy :twisted:
^ Good idea...spoilers should be yellow, and small from now on. :)

I hear that if you try to beat your record in timing the first couple of times before you even get near to having perfect knowledge of the Ring then you are quite capable of being scrapped of the tarmac and put in a jar for your family. Who doesn't like that on for their centerpiece, sure to be good ice breaker :mrgreen:
Was nice to see that Sabine drove a good time in her first lap! If she'd done some practicing in the Jag a 9m00sec time should be possible.

Clarkson is not a racing driver, more a comedian :)

The Jag has 207bhp and 435nm at 1600kg, but it's a good car to drive i think.

Racing against the clock is something you should do after about 50 laps or so, not the first laps around the ring.
hmmm execuse my ignorance but where did you see the duel? :roll:
hmm was it part of the episode that aired yesteday you mean?
oh ok, I can't watch top gear on tv here that's why I didn't think of it first, since it was not in episode-specific discussions and the ep is not available for dld yet
u lucky bastards :p
Cruzz563 said:
^ Good idea...spoilers should be yellow, and small from now on. :)
White is better. :p
yeah, white and non-small :wink: no need for small with white
Bimmer said:

I like Mac and Cheeze

see viper, that's why you shouldn't have told them about it, all kids will want to play now :p