London 2012 Olympic Games

Just to add something else to the 'C4-are-almost-as-bad-as-NBC-but-getting-closer-by-the-minute' list; I just watched an advert revealing to me that they have a talk show on Paralympic gossip hosted by Adam Hills. :blink:

Yeah I don't think that's the best way for him to get onto British TV, and there are much better people suited to the job.
Just wanted to make a little post in congratulations to my cousin who just yesterday ran the marathon for the visually impaired (T12) in London... 6th place was a good result for Portugal and the end product of many afternoons running after the working hours of a primary school teacher, which I witnessed.
We are all proud of him and his accomplishments.

Here's to you, cousin!


Big congrats to the event winner and new world record holder, Alberto Laso Suarez from Spain.