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Look what I did


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Mar 18, 2005
Ithaca, NY
1997 BMW M3
Well I killed about an hour making this up, tell me what you think of it. The hardest part was getting the colors right, they still aren't perfect. All these pics are my favorite, unedited pictures that I have taken. If you feel compelled leave some feedback on some pics and rate them.

Sweet, yeah its a new feature with ImageShack, so I played around with it. Its a bit clunky when setting it up, needs some refinement, but it works.
The img shack gallery takes too long to generate and the fact that i can't control where each picture goes pisses me off. Luckily "web album generator" programs is a good solution to it if you've got some web hosting space.
Renesis said:
not bad, but get a real gallery over that thing..

Just using what I have available. If I wanted a better presentation I would get some webspace and a gallery program. Just showing off a little. :mrgreen:
nice ...

i like it...

up :lol: