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Lookie what I won off eBay! :D


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Sep 21, 2003
Portland, Oregon
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How old are you Viper?

20 soon.

And I'm not excited about the fact that it's a Playboy (okay, I am a little - I've never actually seen a Playboy :lol:), but the fact that Jordan is in it.

For those who don't know, I'm a little obsessed with her:

Heh...too kool for school....
I noticed you have marked your pornfolder as "pr0n"! :lol:

When I lived in London I used to buy these tabloid-assed papers every once in a while basically cuz it's like reading a pornmag, but this you can read everywhere...but I noticed Jordan was 2.nd page girl every freakin time! She's the worlds least interesting "celeb" I think...but she's got nice babylons so it's ok...

Daaaaaamn son!

I recently took a step the other way. Deleted ALL the porn on my computer. I'm reformed.

But I think Jordan looks better in the TG interview than her magazine shoots, she looks too angry in her shoots.
^^or gay^^ :lol: joking...

"still in good condition" what does than mean? not too much cum left in the magazine? :lol: :roll:
Renesis said:

"still in good condition" what does than mean? not too much cum left in the magazine? :lol: :roll:

ahhhh, LOL LOL.

wouldnt that just ruin a good playboy mag. :( :lol:
Playboy kind of blows anyway (I have no idea what the articles are about :mrgreen: ).
God I hope so... :lol:
i'd have the pages laminated. :wink:
Got it today! :D

Few scuffs around the edges on the cover and stuff, but the inside seemed like it hadn't been read. WELL worth the $14.

I'll scan this weekend probably and PM to whoever wants it. :)
Send me a PM if you want the scans.