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Andrea D

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Dec 28, 2010
Hi, i'm looking for downloads of TGR episodes and english-subs, but subtitles links are expired, and i don't know how to download the episodes. Someone can help me?

EDIT: Maybe in a russian site i had found the videos, so you can give me only subtitles, if it's possible ;D

Andrea D
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The Final Gear subtitling group stopped their project after episode 8 of the first series. Another person subtitled episode 9 and someone posted episode 13 (with no subtitles).
Yes i know, but i'm looking for subtitles from ep.1 to ep.8. Can someone put the subtitles in a torrent or in megaupload?
i'm looking for these now ;)

Anyway thank you for the response :) .
Is there a good source for downloading the episodes at all? I'm interested in the original unaltered Russian episodes. I was browsing up on mytopgear.ru, but most of the download links seem to be broken. torrents.ru doesn't even resolve for me. :-(
Anyone else know where to get these? Can you buy them?
Bringing this back from the dead.. Anyone know where i can get a hold of the episodes that have been subtitled?
Bringing this back from the dead, could anyone point a direction where I can find safe downloads of the show? No subtitles needed, I need to practice russian!
I need to send you a private message. Turn it On or enable "From all members" and send me one when you're ok.
I can't even find the area for Private messages, is there a post count I need to hit in order to get access to it?