Looking for input on buying an audi


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Dec 8, 2018
So I'm looking at a 2015 audi a4 premium with 107k miles on it for $13k. The carfax is clean and has all the maintenance records and seems to be very well taken care of and is being sold at one of the bigger acura dealerships in my area. From experience or knowledge do you guys think this could prove to be a reliable vehicle with average expenses on maintenance considering the mileage or does it seem like a money pit? I guess my real question is would it be a foolish investment
First, A4s seem to be good cars that provide a lot of usable mileage. I've had two good friends who own/operate repair shops that specialize(d) in European cars and yours is a fairly common question. Audis, BMWs and Mercedes are complex cars, so it's important to find a shop or dealership that you trust BEFORE you buy. They also agree on a budget number. The two guys agree that an owner who does none of his/her own work should budget an average of about $2,500 a year for service (tires, batteries, filters, oil changes, fluid services, etc.) on a properly maintained car. Also, be sure to talk to your insurance agent in advance to get a firm number for the coverage you want.
Edit: Another bit of advice is to join an on-line forum for the car of your choice now - before you buy. Reading the day-to-day comments of current and past owners will give you excellent insight into a car's general reliability and probably highlight common problems. I like vwvortex.com - they have sub-forums for virtually all VW/Audi models and have a large, world-wide audience.
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