Looking for *ix sysadmins in SF Bay Area

Steve Levin

Master of Disaster
Jun 7, 2006
Sunnyvale, California
Spec Racer Ford!
I'm looking for at least 2 SysAdmins in the SF Bay Area. Of course I'd love to help out fellow FG'ers! Primarily a Linux shop with a handful of BSD machines. The skills I'm looking for are:

The "must have" thing:

* Good *ix admin skills
* willingness to be on-call nights and weekends. While we strive to not get people up (and this is NOT a tier 1 NOC position), it's going to happen from time to time. Early on, more often.

The things that garner bonus caek:

* Virtualization experience. Can be with any tech; we haven't committed to a choice yet but we definitely need to build out a private cloud to support various dev/test/qa/demo needs.

* Puppet experience. With a cloud, we will need to bring up and configure virtual servers rapidly, of course!

* MySQL experience. The more DBA like, the better -- in fact, I'd be happy to find a strong DBA with most admin skills.

* F5 experience. We're not doing anything too crazy here, just the typical load balancing.

* Zabbix experience (not my favorite monitoring tool but there's already a heavy investment in it)

I value dedicated, hard working folks that will sit down and learn/master what they don't know as much as highly experienced folks. So don't be afraid to PM me if you've got little "job" experience but have run your own Linux server for a while, as an example.

I currently can't pay cash for referrals of friends but would certainly provide a week's worth of caek if you send someone my way.

PM me and I will be happy to provide more details.