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Feb 19, 2007
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My Toughbook has an integrated mobile broadband card (Sprint only unfortunately, but I'll probably just replace it with a GOBI global card that works on any provider), and I'm interested in having that sort of access. Can anyone recommend (or tell me to avoid) a particular provider?

I'd be using it as a secondary service for when I don't have wifi access, so 2-3Gb/m would be fine, and I'd really like to avoid a contract if at all possible. I don't care about blazing fast speeds, but I should be able to browse a couple web pages at once, and use SSH (which is more a matter of reasonable latency). I'd like to be able to use it in somewhat rural areas too, so the wider the coverage the better.

The Sprint web-chat guy seemed to think that I'd be able to get 3Gb/m for $35, but he thinks it requires a 2-year contract. He seemed like a bit of an idiot though, so I'm going to the local retail store to corroborate.

Edit: Talked to Sprint, and it would indeed require a 2 year contract. I'm going to see what AT&T has to say, (since I already have a AT&T contract), and then move on to check with Verizon. I guess I'll be getting one of those GOBI cards.

Edit 2: talked to AT&T, and I can get 5 or 6 gb/m (don't remember exactly) for ~$45/m with no contract. That's better than what Sprint offered, but I'm not sure it would be any better than just tethering my iPhone, which has a grandfathered unlimited data plan. Next stop Verizon, which has the best network in my experience.
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