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low cars are cool


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Feb 2, 2004
San Diego
2008 MazdaSpeed3 GT
I just think this look so cool and LOW
Not that good, one of my first

Shaved everything
Couple of other things

low cars are cool until a certain height, if you go lower, it becomes stupid, like this one, little exagerated

i think there should be about 1 finger in between the tire and the wheelarch, and from the moment your rim dissapears, your WAY to low
Yeah, sorry, but I'm with bone on the one. It's too low.
I personally think that the wheelarch should be directly proportional to the curvature of the rims, otherwise it just looks strange.

So, to repeat: x = a α r :p

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Too low. I like the original height of the Z4
I liked the Z4 for like 15 minutes. Same thing with the 6 Series. They get so dumb after a while. So simple and boring and heavy. Its like when u have just had TOO much potato, or chinese food. Thats how it is too stare at a real Bangle. Makes me feel heavy and kinda sick. :thumbsdown:
Comon guys, cut 'im some slack. ;)

At least someone look at it from a technical aspect. :|
Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
I think it would look cool if the axle was widened so the wheels were outside of the body to create an open-wheeled look.

no, wheels can't come out of the wheelarches IMO

unless it's a hatch tuned german style, that's so cool
profingersk8er said:
I never get the point of shaving, is it jsut me or does cars looks weird (or even ugly) without details and lines?

ah, man. you should seen this guy (here in l.a) golf mkII, which had shaved doors. its awesome, untill the battery dies and he has to clime from the trunk. anyway, it looked really nice. plus they opends for you.