Low to Mid Range Mirrorless Camera Dilemma


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May 4, 2019
I'm looking to purchase my first mirrorless camera but am finding it really difficult to make a decision on which one! The things that are important to me are:
Clear crisp images with good colour
Reliable and fast autofocus
A rear screen that flips 180 degrees for framing selfie/group shots
A viewfinder and touchscreen would be nice
My search so far has lead me to the canon m50 and the sony a6400. I like the look of the canon more (the way the screen flips out to the side, the touchscreen and usability) and the price is much more reasonable but I'm not sure if I will be disappointed with the image quality? From what I've read the sony has much faster tracking autofocus and the images I've seen do look crisper.
I was just wondering whether anyone has any advice or can think of any other options I should be considering? I ideally want to pay around £600 but the sony is more like £1000 at the moment which is pushing my budget a bit. Is it going to be worth the extra £400 at my amateur level? Just for reference I currently have a nikon d3100 which I am happy with the images from but I want something smaller and lighter to carry around that is also hopefully an improvement in terms of image quality, AF speed etc. I'm not really considering micro four thirds just because I want better images in low light.


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Nov 21, 2006
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Do you want this for photography or for video/YouTube content creation?

I shoot with Sony mirrorless and unfortunately the a6400 is the only camera that meets all your criteria except budget.