Lucid Motors Air 986bhp electric saloon 2018

I wonder what is up with the trunk shut lines?

Like AiR pointed out, I'm very confused with the truck shut lines.

With how they all start to close again just before the clip loops, I'm guessing that's supposed to be a (needlessly complicated) sequential turn signal.
The turn signals are the slim vertical lines:
Yay, more useless luxury shit to break.
As you probably know that clip is from this video:

It looks like the lights actually aim once they open so they would probably dazzle everyone when you first turn them on. Unless they don't turn on until they're fully unfolded, which means you're adding a few seconds on turning lights on for no reason. Strange.
Yay, more useless luxury shit to break.

It's an electric 'car', at least you will never be far from home when it does break....