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M5 wagon spotted


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Oct 4, 2004
Autoweek.com :

Screaming Bimmer Station Wagon: We spy BMW's hotted-up M5 hauler
Posted Date: 11/8/05
It?s not due in North American showrooms for at least 12 months, but we?ve caught the new BMW M5 Sports Wagon testing in minimal disguise at Germany?s N?rburgring track.

Aimed squarely at the Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG and the upcoming second-generation Audi RS6, BMW?s go-fast load hauler receives the same 5.0-liter 500-hp V10 engine and other mechanical modifications as its lauded sedan sibling, so expect sizzling performance to back up its versatile luggage space.


Visually, the wagon adheres closely to the M5 sedan with a deeper front bumper with enlarged cooling ducts, widened sills beneath the doors and new rear bumper designed to draw hot air away from the differential. BMW?s M division developed a spoiler that sits atop the standard 5 Series liftgate to smooth airflow and reduce lift at speed.

One hurdle for BMW?s M division was engineering the M5 Sports Wagon?s rear suspension. While retaining the same multilink design, it differs from that of the M5 sedan, with more compact towers and a self-leveling mechanism to improve load capacity.

The appearance of the new M5 wagon comes 10 years after BMW?s last attempt at muscling its way into the performance wagon market. Based on the 3.8-liter 340-hp inline six-cylinder E34 M5, the first M5 wagon was produced in a limited run of just 900 cars.


The decision to forge ahead with the new model is driven by increased demand for performance wagons in the United States. ?We?ve been monitoring the development of wagon sales in the USA carefully,? says our BMW source, ?and after a long period of stagnation they are rebounding quite heavily, and there is a feeling an M5 Sports Wagon could do well.?
Is it just me, or does anyone else think this devalues the M5?
flyingfridge said:
Is it just me, or does anyone else think this devalues the M5?

Not at all - look at Audi's RS series (to be fair that actually started life as a wagon - sorry, Avant - though)
flyingfridge said:
Is it just me, or does anyone else think this devalues the M5?

In that it 'taints the breed' or some such?

I dunno, I guess it does a little bit but it'll give more people the opportunity to own an M5. I'm sure there are some people out there itching to get their hands on one but they don't think the sedan suits their lifestyle.

I can see this becoming popular in Toorak/South Yarra. Pack away the family and the dog and blast down to Portsea/Sorrento for the weekend at a million miles an hour :D

I likes it!
True but that IS the Audi, the M5 has always been, well the M5. The M6 was more of a complimentary sort of thing, but this just doesn't have the feeling that it's right. That V10 engine should be saved for the best of the best. An M5 and it's 2-door sister, but a wagon just seems like they're giving the family prize over to the redneck pickup of the family...

I can see this becoming popular in Toorak/South Yarra

No I don't think it will. It's still only a 5 series wagon. For it to be popular in Toorak/South Yarra, it'd need a high ride kit. :?
Sooo old... Was in German magazines 6 months ago...
So now I can have both an M-5 and a wagon in the same package? Alright! I just hope the insurance companies see it as a wagon and not an M-5...
^^ I disagree... E class thingy looks sooo saggy in the back... And always has... 5 series is different...
The M5 is a lot more technically advanced, however the RS6 is a similarly quick car as well. If the new RS6 can compete with the M5, i'd have A LOT of trouble choosing which to go with. However, if i had to choose a wagon, i'd probably go for the RS6 because i think Audi does wagons better than BMW does.
i'd go for the audi as well

and i taught a saloon with a V10 was stupid
well, this is ever worse. a wagon with 7 gears :bangin:
As cool as an E55 wagon?? Ohhh maybe so....

Still, a 545i looks very similar but these are sleeper vehicles so thats point I guess.

Me likes :thumbsup:
i got ot hand it to the germans, they seem to be the only ones with balls enough to make something like that (e55,S6 Avant and now this). Hell it took german ownership to create the Magnum SRT8. i love it. i with subaru would make an STi wagon again, i would trade mine STi sedan in a heartbeat :thumbsup:
Europe has always had a M5 wagon version. I doub't this would devalue the M5 as a brand icon.

I love it, If I could afford it, I would put my money down tonight for one. In silver, or black... hmmm....

OOOoh. :thumbsup: