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Magazine scans!

Magazine scans!

  • Maybach Fulda Exelero (AUTOFOCUS)

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  • Maserati MC12 (AUTOFOCUS)

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  • Ferrari 430spider & Superamerica (AUTOFOCUS)

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  • Audi Nuvolari & Le Mans (AUTOFOCUS)

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  • Ferrari Superamerica (POWERCAR)

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  • Lambo Gallardo vs. BMW M6 vs. Dodge Viper (POWERCAR)

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  • Morgan Aeromax (POWERCAR)

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  • Audi A4 DTM (POWERCAR)

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  • Mercedes MLK (AutoBild)

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  • Suzuki Grand Vitara (AutoBild)

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Sep 27, 2004
Stavanger, Norway
I've got a couple of german car magazines and I can scan an article or two
for you guys but I'm lazy so I've added a little poll so I can tell which ones
you all most want to see. The name of the magazine is between the ( ).
Lambo Gallardo vs. BMW M6 vs. Dodge Viper (POWERCAR)

I like comparos.

But if it's in german than fuck it...

I'd have to have that girl at work translate if for me...

I was :shock: today as I heard her talk in german, she was calling her mom
I believe, you can get that at "JW"

I thought their magazine section is dead, due to legal issues or something, but it has only been moved...
I'd rather not post a link, cause somebody will click it and I don't know if Viper like his referrers go to JW...

At least one thing they are good for... Awesome EVO scans. The mag, not the car...


///edit: Oh, Ren, will you go :shock: if I write you a nice german PM as well??? Hahaha
haha no but she talked so fast, and I couldn't even find ONE word I knew...