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Making a DVD


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Jul 17, 2004
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Well how do you make the DVD actually play on a DVD player? or make menus and stuff?
NeroVision Express 2, using it now actually, really easy :thumbsup:
Well, Nero Vision Express 3 is the easiest one. And I'm sure you know how to 'buy' the software :p
Another vote for Nerovision - some limitations with menus, but nothing major. And it's just so incredibly simple.
^ Likewise - if I want really good presentation and some nice menus I'll use seperate tools (Mainconcept MPEG Encoder followed by TMPG DVD Author). If I'm not fussed about things like the menu I'll use Nero - though the menu creation limitations do bug me (but that's the perfectionist in me :))

The most bulletproof process I've found is MainConcept > TMPG DVD Author > Imgtool to create ISO image > DVD Decrypter to burn image. I started using Imgtool when I had an audio sync issue I couldn't get rid off, seperating the ISO creation stage solved the problem.

I'll find using just Nero I get the occasional audio sync problem, but it's not going to bother most people.
Dark_Templer_102 said:
Cruzz563 said:
Well, Nero Vision Express 3 is the easiest one. And I'm sure you know how to 'buy' the software :p

actually its hard to fine...i mean they just have low...lets call them "sellers" not to be confused by seeders

All nero products can be found on there website. All you need is a serial (you can "buy" those) or keep living with the trail version.
Most DVD players only play DVD-R (minus), correct?
Z Draci said:
Most DVD players only play DVD-R (minus), correct?

It should be the more compatible type for standalones, but newer dvd-players play everything. I always use DVD+R because it's better (imo). Never had any problems. And nowadays, a lot of writers are able to bitset (aka bookmark), so compatibility is close to 100%.
What CPU and RAM specs do you experienced DVD burners recommend?

I have tried 4 or 5 different authoring programs and have been unsucessful for one reason or another. I have 1gig proc with 512ram.
I've used mainly Adobe Encore DVD, you can get from the shops or from -krhm-. Great software, isn't as nerdy as most of the software of this kind.