Mar 03 - Blackwood GP Track Reversed [9:55]


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Feb 7, 2005
Ford Fiesta (2008), sold Toyota Carina II.

Date: Mar 03
Track: Blackwood GP Track Reversed
Car: FOX
Qualification: 15 minutes
Practice: 18:00 GMT
Race: 19:00 GMT
Sprint: 9 laps
Feature: 55 laps

Server: [FG] Racing
Password: fg

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Apr 18, 2005
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Sprint: Drove over the kerbs and got damage, somehow managed to end up 3rd.
Feature: Screwed up, changed to R2s and filled up tank, was really slow.


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Feb 17, 2006
Four from the top and two from the third row, UK.
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another shitter for me:

Sprint: went well for whole race, then ran out of fuel 50 metres from finish.
Feature: screwed up pressures at end of sprint, so had to pit to fix them. kept spinning onto grass and tyres were wearing very quickly. flipped twice on kerbs and got a drive-through penalty. not the best race to say the least.....
Dec 9, 2003
Decorah, IA
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This was the first decent race weekend for me in quite a while.
Sprint wasn't that good since aero understeer caused me to hit the dirt in turn 2, and then spin out in turn 4 even when trying to take it easy.

Feature was great.
After a good start, I finally managed to pass Al Payson in the entry of the chicane in lap 9.
Firefox must have passed him rather quickly after that since he was maybe 0.5s behind me by lap 14 or so.
I managed to get about a 2s lead, but that was knocked back down to 0.5s due to some traffic.
By the time pit, I was back up to about 1s or so, and after Firefox had pitted, it was back to 2s.
Firefox closed the gap to 0.5 initially, but I got back in front a bit more until I had about a 1.5s gap at the start of lap 55.
R1s was a bit of a gamble, but I absolutely hated driving on R2s, so I took a chance and it paid off.
Tires were paper-thin at the end though.


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Oct 4, 2004
Good sprint, no problems, took lead, flawless race till the end, no mistakes, and even a good time of 1:08:98.

Feature was crap. AlPayson spun ESPN, that's why FF overtook him real quick. Sadly, I just didn't fit there through the gap, and got stuck behind him. He blocked me in the straight, imo a bit too much swinging left right left right. A got a bit angry about that, and one lap after that after trying to carry as much speed as possible into the straight, I apparently run slightly off touching the grass and spinning. I 1st thought I bumped into him, but after watching the replay I saw I touched the grass. There was 8-9 seconds gone. I was pushing then and catching up to you guys, but I lost my rhythm somehow and spun once again, loosing same amount of time. After that the race was over, decent pit entry, 2-3seconds lost there in minor damage, no tire change. After pit I couldn't warm up my R2's properly, sliding around a bit and not being able to keep a consistent pace. I did occasionally run some very low 1:09s but I also ran a lot of 1:10+. You guys were 13-14s infont of me running stable times and I couldn't close the gap, definitely not with those tires, which btw also got very thin at the end. Overall shitty race, I was really hoping to take home a Feature victory as well. I didn't push much at the beginning saving my tires and warming them up gradually, aiming at just running consistent times without spinning etc. Safe strategy, with the plan being to push it after my tires are at decent temperature, because I knew I was slightly faster then the field, so as long as I run stable times and push a bit after tires are hot, I was hoping to get on the top of the podium but oh well... :)