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Mar-04 - FB Club R FWD GTRs [SR:10][FR:85laps]


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Oct 4, 2004

Mar-04 - FB Club R FWD GTRs [SR:10][FR:85laps]


Tough combination next week! Requires lots of practice. It's a very twisty little track, with high curbs that you should avoid.

XFR: 0:42.09s
UFR: 0:41.77s

(No setup on inferno for UFR, there's one for non-reversed though.)

I counted with 42-43second average laptime, which gave me:

Sprint Race: 10 Laps
Feature Race: 85 Laps

One pitstop compulsory as always, however these things eat rubber like hell, so don't rule out 2 stop strategy. ;)

Car's: XFR & UFR

Here's a little setup tip, from an S2 guide.
XF/UF GTR setup tip: Wheelspin frying the front tyres is the
main nightmare behind these cars, so keep the suspension soft,
lock the diff as far as it will go on the power side and use the
coast side to control liftoff oversteer. Keep zero toe on the front
wheels, and keep tyre pressures LOW. Although this makes the
tyres easier to heat up, the extra grip will be more beneficial in
preventing wheelspin, so in fact the tyres will generally be cooler.

A little info that might be useful for making a choice.

Take everyone's favourite hot hatch, stick slicks on it, thrown in a
beastly 2.0 engine, throw out some weight, then clad it in some
mean racecar bodywork and this is what you end up with. The
most powerful FWD car in LFS, it brings a whole new meaning
to the phrase "power understeer". Requires smooth driving. Is a
competitor to the UF GTR.

While it has less power than it's competitor, the XF GTR, it's lack
of weight more than makes up for this. On twistier circuits it will
eat the XF GTR (and a couple of sets of tyres), but loses out on
the straights. Certainly requires smooth driving. Whoever said
Minis were boring?
Good info to have. I went 10 laps and the front tires were in red...but I managed a time around 44 seconds.
I won't be able to make it unless someone can donate a hard drive and a video card. Both died on Friday on me.
:eek: :cry:

Do you have some old HDD & video card from some unused pc or so? Try to get something, doesn't have to be some high performance stuff.
I'm using a 4 GB hard drive right now (which XP takes up 90% of the drive) and a Radeon 7000. Played LFS with it but the graphics were horrible. Playable but horrible.
This will be a roll fest for sure. I managed to get the XFR on two wheels on almost every corner. Yes I cut corners.

Now the UFR is tail happy with the setup I have but the XFR is amazingly stable.
I found that the cars were very tailhappy on all corner and I have problems finding the racing line, esp the first corner

But for topic...I might have problems this weekend also. I'm going to rephasing
today one apartment and if this is ok, I will move there. But I don't know if there is
internet or not. And joining some ISP's might take up to week :thumbsdown:
pdanev said:
Don't worry. You'll miss the race anyway. :p

you guys can hold me to this: I'll be there this week, I swear, things have settled down... school started and stuff so I have not much
andyhui01, can you please count how many times already have you say "I'll be there this week"? :p

I will be hopefully there...this flat was Big Black Hole (read: big piece of shi*), so I don't
move this week.
because things have been busy lately... but finallly I've settled and uni has started which means I'll get more sleep and less weekend stuff to do
andyhui01 said:
uni has started which means I'll get more sleep and less weekend stuff to do

So no uni = less sleep and uni = more sleep, do you sleep during classes :lol:
haha... no uni means alot of going out and stuff... uni means less going out, more at home sitting on my ass therefore I go to bed earlier and can wake up at 5am :D... plus I usually only race when I have nothing to do on sunday morning
Easy 44s for me now and low 45s :D.