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March 21st, 2005

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Sep 21, 2003
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Hopefully Vuk remembers. Haven't actually talked to him...
I have, I reminded him this morning...it's up to him now! :mrgreen:
Ah, excellent! :)
I didn't think it was actually all that good. There was a cool Boxster vs Z4 bit, but most of it was Vicky (ahhh... vicky) doing some (fairly boring) stunts.
No idea whatsoever.
[03/21 14:52:41] Vuk: hey
[03/21 14:52:43] Viper007Bond: hey
[03/21 14:52:49] Viper007Bond: did you catch it? :eek:
[03/21 14:53:07] Viper007Bond: *crosses fingers*
[03/21 14:53:39] Vuk: man my new tv card can be set to record
[03/21 14:53:48] Vuk: so i wasn't here when it was on
[03/21 14:53:55] Viper007Bond: uh oh, this doesn't sound good
[03/21 14:54:08] Vuk: my bro is on the pc now, i will be encoding it soon
[03/21 14:54:16] Vuk: its cool
[03/21 14:54:34] Viper007Bond: oh, whew!
[03/21 14:54:39] Viper007Bond: i thought it screwed up and missed it
[03/21 14:55:00] Vuk: :D
*sighs reliefe*
The start of that convo had me worried just like Viper :roll:
Cant wait!
Vuk says the rip was perfect and that's he's encoding it now. ETA a couple hours.
Gonna be watching Fifth Gear soon! :tvhappy:
yay!!!!!!! fifth gear is back!!!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :woot: :woot:
I think Vuk went to bed. Guess we'll release it tomorrow morning. :)
[03/22 00:41:21] Vuk: upping, sorry i fell asleep
[03/22 00:42:46] Viper007Bond: haha, yay!
:thumbsup: YEY :thumbsup:
Vuk falling asleep...pfft he's keeping us on edge isnt he :lol:
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