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Maserati GT Coupe


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Sep 7, 2004
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Spy Shot: Maserati GT
Maserati's all-new GT coupe will make its debut at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, but is caught here out testing alongside a Porsche 911, clearly Maserati's benchmark for performance, handling and refinement. One of the cars snapped looks as if it's a four-door, but the 'handles' and rear 'doors' are just faked to distract onlookers. The four-door-alike does remind us of one fact about the new GT and Spyder, though: they will be based on a shortened version of the platform of the latest Quattroporte saloon.

The GT is a 2+2-seater, said to be much roomier than its predecessor thanks to a longer wheelbase - barely shorter than that of the Quattroporte - and redesigned suspension and transmission. It will have double-wishbone suspension with the Skyhook adaptive damping system, and the rear-mounted Cambiocorsa clutchless gearbox, as used in the Quattroporte; power will come from the Ferrari-developed 5.0-litre V8, derived from the current car's 4.2-litre unit and with new cylinder heads and induction system to give an estimated 470bhp. The Spyder, which will be launched slightly later in the year, will also be offered with the 4.2 V8. The Spyder will, for the first time, have a folding metal hard top which will retract down to behind the seats. This is likely to have been developed by Pininfarina, who have designed the car in partnership with Maserati's new head of design, Frank Stephenson.



I hope the back is just camo tenting.

Wow, it isn't obvious they are trying to target the 911 market at all. :p :lol:

They put a hell of a lot of camouflaging on the car though. I know it's not intentional, but with most leaked spy-pics you can atleast get an idea of what the car looks like. With these you can't tell at all. :?
Look at the backside, the whole "higher" part looks like its made out of plastic just to cover the rearshape.
they really screwed it up this time... the best one was the 3200GT where the light was just one line... maybe Maserati put a plastic thing there to give a wrong impression of the design... did that come across anyone?
^ Read the posts above.... that's what most people are thinking...

I don't think I'm going to make any judgements on the car at all 'till I see it with all the camouflaging off. That's one of the most covered pre-production cars I've ever seen.